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25 Sweet Skateboarding GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, May 3, 2012
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skateboarding gifs

Skateboarding is an interesting sport. It’s really fun to watch if the person doing it is really, really good. Like, X Games good. But it’s super boring to watch if they’re not that good. (About as exciting to watch as an old rerun of Murder, She Wrote.) There is, however, an exception to this general rule of thumb: it can be really fun to watch crappy skaters…when they fail massively and embarrass themselves in front of the whole internet.

So today we bring you a list of awesome skateboarding GIFs that run the gamut. Some are of awesome dudes doing awesome tricks. Others are of lame dudes trying to do simple tricks and getting hit in the groin. Either way, they’re all worth a look. So let’s get to it.

25. Handstand Trick

handstand skateboard trick

Oh man, I could totally do that.

24. Good timing

skate board ramp trick

I’d hate to be there the day this trick goes horribly wrong.

23. Upstaged

skateboarding moonwalk gif

Not sure why kids insist on taping themselves doing really basic skateboard tricks, but in this case I’m glad they did. Otherwise, the world would never have seen this moonwalking dude getting pushed by a pickup truck.

22. Skateketball

skateboard basketball hoop trick

That’s pretty cool. But what would it look like in reverse?
skateboard basketball hoop trick in reverse
Oh, okay. There we go.

21. Human ramp fail

human skateboard ramp fail

What could have given these people the encouragement they need to do something this stupid? (I’m guessing alcohol.) They’re lucky it turned out as well as it did. Could have been a lot worse.

20. The board fights back

takes anger out on broken skateboard

Never take your anger out on your board, or it will attack your face (and you will need serious dental work).

19. Post-earthquake skate fail

earthquake crack skateboard fail

“Hey man, watch out for that giant fissure!”

“Wait, what’s a fiss…”

18. Smoothest fail ever

cool skateboard fail

The only way to get good as skating is to embrace failure. Once you do, you never know when something awesome like this will happen.

17. Don't play with accelerants, children

sets skateboarder on fire

These guys were right about one thing: it would have been awesome to ride down a ramp of fire. They just need to work on not lighting the skater on fire, too.

16. Human Skateboard

human skateboard

Hopefully the dudes who made this awesome clip are aspiring filmmakers, or they did it for a school project or something. Otherwise they probably have too much time on their hands.

15. Board switch trick

switch skateboards trick

No big deal. I did this like five times just yesterday.

14. New X Games Event

shotgunning beer while skateboarding

Shotgunning a beer while skating down a ramp. This should be a new event at the X Games if you ask me.

13. Who needs legs?

amputee skateboarderv

Amazing people like this make me feel so lazy.

12. Rodney Mullen

rodney mullen skateboard trick

This is skating legend Rodney Mullen, the guy who invented the kick flip. Don’t know what this one is called, but I just tried it out here in my office and it’s totally not that hard. Took me like 5 minutes.

11. Nut-a-geddon

epic skateboard nut smash

Nut-a-geddon = the end of your nuts as you know them. By the way, here’s some free skateboarding advice from someone who knows nothing about the subject: if you see you’re heading for a collision with a light pole, don’t spread your legs. That will make the impending impact so much worse.

10. Action movie stunt

skateboarder jumps over car

If Jackie Chan made a skateboarding movie, he would do this.

9. WTF?

basketball skateboard trick fail

If I had to guess, I’d say this kid was trying to do some sort of skateboard alley-oop or something. But why does he jump when the rim is clearly low enough to reach already? I mean, he just did not think this one all the way through, did he?

8. Pole to wall to board

awesome skateboard stunt

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say the degree of difficulty on this one is about an 11.

7. Just embarrassing

skateboard fail

This trick is so easy it’s not even a trick, and yet it ends in agony and humiliation. Bummer.

6. Backflip off the wall

skateboard backflip off wall

I guess this would be considered an advanced maneuver. (That kid from #7 has a long, long way to go.)

5. Major nad damage

epic skateboard fail


4. Insane stunt

amazing skateboarding stunt

Like I said back at #24, I’d hate to be there when this one goes terribly wrong.

3. No limitations

kid on crutches skateboarding

This kid is my f—ing hero. Totally badass.

2. Use the Force

jedi skateboarding gif

Jedi are such dicks sometimes.

1. Fat Guy + Skateboard = Hilarity

fat guy skateboarding fail

If this doesn’t brighten your day, nothing will.