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20 Athletes Who Pissed Off PETA (By Rocking Fur Coats)

by: Esteban On  Friday, April 20, 2012

athletes wearing fur coats

There are a lot of pro athletes out there who are animal lovers through and through. Some of these folks—like Chad Ochocinco, Candace Parker, Dennis Rodman, Amanda Beard, Amare Stoudemire, or Tony Gonzalez—have generously donated their time and celebrity to PETA for one or more of their various anti-fur ad campaigns.

This list is not about these people.

Instead, this list is about athletes who just don’t feel cozy unless they have a dead animal (or, in the case of Shaq and his giant mink coat, 40) wrapped around their shoulders. Sure, maybe their bold fashion preferences aren’t “politically correct” or “humane”; but at least we all know they have serious wads of cash and aren’t afraid to spend it. (Because isn’t that the real reason why people still wear fur anyway?)

So here you go: 20 athletes who won’t be doing ads for PETA any time soon. Check ‘em out.

20. Nick Young & Dominic McGuire

nick young and dominic mcguire (wearing gilbert arenas' fur coats)

Kicking things off at #20 are Nick Young and Dominic McGuire.

Why two athletes, you ask? Because they’re both wearing fur coats (allegedly) belonging to the same person: Gilbert Arenas. Yes, the very same Gilbert Arenas who has appeared in PETA’s anti-fur ads and has claimed he’s never owned a fur.

When Young and McGuire were both rookies with the Wizards back in 2007, they were renting Arenas’ house. Arenas told them they could wear whatever clothes they found in his closet, and so the two made a habit of stepping out in these bad boys.

19. Tracy McGrady

#19 tracy mcgrady fur coat

T-Mac wins the award for ugliest fur coat worn by an athlete. Not that such an award could really be called “winning.”

18. Michael Irvin

#18 michael irvin fur coat

There’s probably like $10,000 worth of coke up in this here fur coat. (You know, cause Michael Irvin used to like to party.)

17. Jeremiah Trotter

#17 jeremiah trotter fur coat

Former Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter always liked to look good for those post-game press conferences.

16. Jamarcus Russell

#16 jamarcus russell fur coat

That’s a mighty fancy coat for a mega draft bust who played just three seasons with the Raiders before being released after the 2009 season. If he had known he would suck so bad, he probably would have invested all that money he held out for instead of spending it on bling.

15. Bucky Dent

#15 bucky dent fur coat

I presume Bucky Dent treated himself to this fur coat after hitting the home run that put the dagger into the Red Sox’s 1978 season.

The Sox led the Yanks by as much as 10 games, but lost the division to them in the tie-breaker game. Dent turned the tide in that game with a three-run homer in the 7th. He went on to win the World Series MVP that year, too.

14. Isiah Thomas

#14 isiah thomas fur coat

You gotta look good when your sexually harassing all the ladies in your workplace. Right, Isiah?

13. Muhammad Ali

#13 muhammad ali in a fur coat

The Greatest refused to fight in the Vietnam War due to his religious beliefs. His religious beliefs apparently said nothing about the unnecessary slaughter of cute furry woodland creatures.

12. Artis Gilmore

#12 artis gilmore fur coat

Perhaps Hall-of-Famer Artis Gilmore bought this coat after moving from the ABA’s Kentucky Colonels to the NBA’s Chicago Bulls. The winters are a little more harsh in Chicago than Kentucky.

11. Magic Johnson

#11 magic johnson fur coat

Magic played his whole freakin careen in LA. What the hell did he need this thing for?

10. David Beckham

#10 david beckham fur coat

With an income like his and a wife named Posh, chances are the Beckham household has an entire room dedicated to housing their fur coat collection.

9. Manny Ramirez

#9 manny ramirez fur coat

Manny Ramirez wearing a fur coat to batting practice? Sounds about right.

8. Mark Messier

#8 mark messier wearing fur coat and hat

In fairness to Mark Messier, it is really cold up there in Alberta where he won all those Stanley Cups with the Oilers. Plus, he probably killed and ate all the beavers, moose, and raccoons used to make these fancy digs.

7. Larry Holmes & Don King

larry holmes and don king wearing fur coats

Don King doesn’t just wear fur. Don King wears white fur. Because he’s Don F@%$ing King, bitch.

6. Alex Ovechkin

alex-ovechkin-at-soccer-game fur cape and hat

The (formerly) Great 8 didn’t buy this outfit for himself. The traditional Dagestani burka (cape) and papakha (wool hat) were given to him by Russian Premier League squad Anzhi Makhachkala FC at a recent home match against St. Petersburgh.

In case you were wondering, it was in July, right when you need a giant fur cape.

5. Nate Robinson

nate robinson wearing shaq's fur coat

This is current Warrior and former Celtic Nate Robinson trying on Shaquille O’Neal’s humongous mink coat.

Doesn’t he look cute?

4. Steve Nash

steve nash wearing shaq's fur coat

If this coat looks familiar, that’s because it, too, is Shaq’s giant mink. Apparently all of Shaq’s diminutive teammates get to try on his mink.

3. Shaq

#3 shaq fur coat

Of course, coming in at #3 on our list of fur-loving athletes is the Big Aristotle himself—the one guy who actually fills out this fancy mink coat.

2. Joe Namath

joe namath wearing fur coat on sidelines

Broadway Joe Namath was one of the first truly modern athletes—and by that I mean one of the first guys to be as famous for his flamboyant style as he was for his play on the field. In fact, in some ways, he wrote the script that so many others (Shaq, Ochocinco, T.O.) follow.

The best example of this quality? The way he wore a giant fur coat on the sidelines during games. Dude looked like a pimp out there, and he started a trend—a trend the NFL has since outlawed by mandating that players wear only league-approved team apparel.

1. Johnny Weir

#1 johnny weir fur coat lover

American Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir doesn’t just wear fur. He loves fur. In fact, he wears fur every chance he gets—on his costumes during competition, at public appearances, when he’s just walking to Starbucks to get a latte.

The guy has become PETA’s public enemy #1 in recent years, and supposedly has received death threats from animal rights activists. And this has led to the rather bizarre fact that the dude has become a hero among hunters. Seriously. They love this flamboyant figure skater because he insists on using his God-given right to wear dead animals.