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Umpire Takes A Stephen Strrasburg 96 MPH Fastball To The Groin (Video)

by: JamieD On  Monday, April 23, 2012
Tags:  Cup   Fastball   Greg Gibson   Groin   MLB   Steven Strasburg  

strasburg fastball to groinStephen Strasburg continued his impressive start to the 2012 MLB season on Saturday, as he allowed four hits and no earned runs through six innings of work during the Washington Nationals’ 3-2 extra innings victory over the Florida Marlins.¬† It was his fourth start of the season, and he threw 60 of his 94 pitches for strikes, while one of his 34 balls should actually count as two balls, as that was exactly what it connected with after eluding the glove of catcher Wilson Ramos and striking home plate umpire Greg Gibson in the groin.

Surprisingly, Gibson was able to remain in the game after taking the 96 mph fastball where the sun don’t shine, leading us to believe that he is the second man in less than a month whose protective cup helped save his manhood from a nasty sports-related injury.

Check it out.