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The 13 Hottest Girlfriends of Derek Jeter

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, May 9, 2012

hottest derek jeter girlfriends

There’s an old saying among ballplayers: “chicks dig the long ball.” But have you seen our list of the hottest baseball WAGs of 2012? It’s not like it’s only filled with the wives and girlfriends of elite sluggers.

Apparently, chicks dig the long ball, the ground ball, the passed ball—pretty much any kind of ball, so long as it’s got red seems and is hit, thrown, or dropped in the Bigs. Yeah, the guy who smashed 40 home runs last year has a stone cold fox for a wife. But so does the middle relief guy with the 5.42 ERA on the fifth place team. It’s the way of the world.

Still, there is one baseball player who stands head and shoulders above the rest in his ability to date and/or hook up with the hottest women on the planet: Jeter.

To Yankees fans he’s a legend for his exploits on the field. To the rest of us he’s a legend for his exploits…um, somewhere else. Today we honor Captain Clutch and his magical lady powers with a list of his 13 hottest girlfriends.

So without further ado, let’s find out who Jeter’s 13th hottest girlfriend was…

13. Joy Enriquez

joy enriquez (derek jeter girlfriend)

Who is Joy Enriquez? Apparently she was on 7th Heaven for 6 episodes back in ’01-’02. She’s also a pop singer who’s achieved little-to-no mainstream success. Why did Jeter date her? Well, she’s hot. Also, someone probably made a bet with him that he couldn’t steal A-Rod’s girl.

Yeah, that’s right. She was “hanging out” with A-Rod (then with the Rangers) until Jeter came along. No wonder the two have an icy relationship.

12. Jordana Brewster

jordana brewster (derek jeter girlfriend)

What’s so amazing about Jeter, in addition to his ability to date incredibly gorgeous women, is the fact that all his relationships always seem to end peacefully.

Jeter dated this sexy Fast & Furious actress back in 2003. When asked about their relationship a couple years later, she said, “I still like the Yankees. And he’s a great guy!”

Don’t you wish all your ex-girlfriends would provide such a solid reference?

11. Mariah Carey

mariah carey (derek jeter girlfriend)

Mariah was Jeter’s very first celebrity girlfriend. They dated in ’97-’98, but Jeter got off that train when he realized she was nuts. (No, really. At party thrown by P-Diddy in 1998, he was overheard telling his then-ex, “you’re crazy,” before turning his back on her mid convo.)

10. Gabrielle Union

gabrielle union (derek jeter girlfriend)

Jeter is such a nice guy, he helped the smoking hot Gabrielle Union get over her 2006 divorce from football player Chris Howard by letting her date him for a while in 2007. I tell you, this guy just gives and gives and gives.

9. Vanessa Minnillo

vanessa minnillo (derek jeter girlfriend)

Jeter took a chance on the talented but unproven Vanessa Minnillo in 2003. Unfortunately, the MTV VJ couldn’t hack it in the big leagues, so Jeter had to release her. She subsequently signed a 5-year deal with Nick Lachey—the Pittsburgh Pirates of celebrity husbands.

8. Lara Dutta

lara dutta (derek jeter girlfriend)

Jeter dated the sexy Lara Dutta for a spell in 2001 just so he could check two categories off his list: “Miss Universe” and “sexy Bollywood star.”

How’d they meet? Jeter saw her on Regis & Kathy Lee, decided he would date her, sent her a pair of Yankees tickets, and—presto!—they were a couple. Because that’s how Jeter rolls.

7. Tyra Banks

tyra banks (derek jeter girlfriend)

Remember when Tyra Banks was just a ridiculously hot supermodel and not a wacko TV personality? Yeah, well Jeter does. Sure, this fling never shook it’s “rumor” status, as both parties repeatedly denied that they were ever an item. But come on, it’s Jeter we’re talking about. If Jeter wanted to hook up with Tyra, Jeter hooked up with Tyra. (And, judging by this photo, Jeter definitely wanted to hook up with Tyra.)

6. Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra (derek jeter girlfriend)

Up next in the “never really official” section of our list of Jeter hotties is Cuban model Vida Guerra. After seeing this voluptuous beauty in such illustrious sexy lady mags as FHM, Maxim, and of course Playboy, Jeter decided to see for himself what all the fuss was about. Of course, since Jeter doesn’t kiss and tell, we’ll never know what he discovered.

5. Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson (derek jeter girlfriend)

Rounding out the “never official” section is the one, the only, Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett and Jeter were spotted dining together in 2004, but both have denied ever hooking up…not that anyone believes them. I mean, Jeter is Jeter, and ScarJo is the female Jeter of Hollywood (i.e., she gets whatever hot dude she wants). You do the math.

4. Minka Kelly

minka kelly (derek jeter girlfriend)

Jeter and this Friday Night Lights stunner officially broke off their three-year relationship in August of 2011. But just this past January they were spotted canoodling in the most romantic city in the world: Newark. No, just kidding. It was Paris.

Anyway, it must really be off now, because it’s been reported lately that Minka has been seen snuggling up to Wilmer Valderrama. And no, that is not a joke. From Jeter to Wilmer. Poor Minka is obviously in a pretty bad place.

3. Jessica Biel

jessica biel (derek jeter girlfriend)

How many women on earth could look this hot while showing off so little skin? Six? Seven? It can’t be many. In any case, Jeter dated his second former 7th Heaven actress for a while back in 2006 before handing Jessica off to Justin Timberlake—one of the only men on earth who could possibly follow Jeter.

2. Adriana Lima

adriana lima (derek jeter girlfriend)

2006 was a good year for Jeter in the lady department. Well, they’re all good years for Jeter in the lady department. But 2006 was especially good. That’s because, in addition to the aforementioned Jessica Biel, he also dated Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima.

Not bad, right?

1. Jessica Alba

jessica alba (derek jeter girlfriend)

The only year that could top Jeter’s 2006? Jeter’s 2004. That’s the year he dated and/or hooked up with both Scarlett Johansson and the drop-dead ridiculous Jessica Alba.

Jeter apparently had admired Alba from afar for quite some time. So in 2004 he decided to make his move when the Yankees hit LA on a West Coast road trip. He had his people call her people, and the rest was history.

Wouldn’t you like to have “people” that could set that kind of thing up?