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17 Gorgeous Women Spotted At The 2012 Kentucky Derby

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, May 9, 2012

gorgeous women at the 2012 kentucky derby

The other day, Total Pro Sports brought you a list of the goofiest hats at the 2012 Kentucky Derby. Today, we bring you something even better: a list of the gorgeous women underneath those hats. I mean, it’s only fair. After all, there were so many charming ladies at the Derby this year, why should the stupid hats to get all the attention?

Now, some of these women are famous celebrities, and some are just regular old incredibly gorgeous women who happen to like horse racing and mint juleps. Either way, I think it’s clear that Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, is the place to be on the first Saturday in May.


17. Sharni Vinson

#17 kellan lutz and sharni vinson on 2012 kentucky derby red carpet

Sharni Vinson is apparently an Australian model, dancer, and actress. Maybe you saw her Step Up 3D? No? Yeah, me either. In any case, as you can see here, Sharni is dating Twilight doofus Kellan Lutz.

16. Dos Cougars

#16 Joey Fatone with two cougars at 2012 kentucky derby

I don’t know who these two cougars are, but they’re sporting some A+ cleavage while posing with former N’Sync member Joey “The Fat One” Fatone. So that’s neat.

15. Tinsley Mortimer

#15 tinsley mortimer on the red carpet at 2012 kentucky derby

If you have no idea who Tinsley Mortimer is, that’s a good thing. It means you have a life. I, on the other hand, do not have a life, so I looked up her wikipedia page. It says, and I quote, “Tinsley Mortimer is an American socialite.” So there you go. The point is, she’s hot.

14. Miss Kentucky I

#14 miss kentucky on the red carpet at 2012 kentucky derby

One would have to assume that Miss Kentucky is contractually obligated to attend the Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately, I cannot say for sure which “Miss Kentucky” this is—it could be the Miss Kentucky from the Miss America Pageant, or it could be the Miss Kentucky from the Miss USA Pageant. (Yes, those are two different things…apparently.) But you know what? Who cares? Whoever this woman is, she’s drop dead gorgeous, so we’re all winners here.

13. Miss Kentucky II

#13 miss teen kentucky on the red carpet at 2012 kentucky derby

Remember what I said about not being able to tell one Miss Kentucky from the other? Well, here you go. But once again: who cares?

12. Gorgeous Black Hat Lady

#12 beautiful woman at 2012 kentucky derby

I have no idea who this gorgeous woman is, but if she is not a model she’s in the wrong line of work. Also, based on this photo, I can only assume she is wearing this hat and nothing else. Which is amazing.

11. Instagram Hottie 1

#11 hot girl cleavage at 2012 kentucky derby

Just think. Before the iPhone and Instagram came along, we would never have known what a fun time this girl and her incredible cleavage had at the Kentucky Derby. Now we do.

God bless technology.

10. Instagram Hottie 2

#10 kentucky derby 2012 hot girl cleavage

Remember what I just said about the woman at #11?

Um, yeah…ditto.

9. Instagram Hottie 3

#9 beautiful girl at 2012 kentucky derby

Wow. Were there any cute girls at the Kentucky Derby who didn’t upload themselves to the world wide interwebs via Instagram? (If so, please upload your photos now. Thanks.)

8. Lindsay Vonn

#8 lindsay vonn on the red carpet at 2012 kentucky derby

Coming in at #8 we have everyone’s favorite downhill skier, Lindsay Vonn. She was as lovely as ever walking the red carpet at the Kentucky Derby this year. Well maybe not as love as ever, ever. I mean, she looks pretty amazing in a bikini.

7. Travis Tritt's Girlfriend

Country singer Travis Tritt arrives with a guest for the 138th Kentucky Derby

Travis Tritt was a popular country music artist back before country was even popular music. Today, he’s not a particularly relevant act. So what the hell is he doing this amazing beauty? She should be dating the Prime Minister of Italy, not Travis freakin Tritt.

6. Eddie Montgomery's Girlfriend

#6 eddie montgomery & girlfriend jennifer

I haven’t the slightest clue who Eddie Montgomery is,* but his girlfriend is way out of his league. Like, Eddie plays for the worst team at the Little League World Series, and this chick is the World Series MVP. And I mean that as no disrespect to Eddie. I think he’d probably agree. Probably damn proud of the fact, actually. I would be.

*Okay, fine, I looked him up and he’s a country musician from the duo Montgomery Gentry. Apparently they’re good, or whatever, and I’m an idiot for not knowing who he is.

5. Unknown Hot Lady

#5 random gorgeous woman at the 2012 kentucky derby

As far as I know, this is just some random woman striking a pose at the Derby. But she’s so attractive that, if I made up a name and told you she was some model or actress, I bet you’d believe me.

4. Erin Andrews

erin andrews at 2012 kentucky derby

Yep, everyone’s favorite ESPN sideline reporter was at the 2012 Kentucky Derby. But she wasn’t there on official ESPN business. On that day, Erin Andrews was just another incredibly hot woman there to watch a two-minute horse race.

3. Bonnie-Jill Laflin

#3 bonnie jill laflin at 2012 kentucky derby red carpet

For the longest time, Bonnie-Jill Laflin was basically a professional hot chick—you know, ex-Hooters girl, former NBA cheerleader, Maxim model, PETA spokesperson, et cetera. These days, she apparently works for the LA Lakers as a scout and assistant GM for their developmental team, which I find kind of amazing.

Anyway, this is Bonnie-Jill on the Kentucky Derby red carpet, looking fantastic.

2. Random Hot Chicks

#2 random hot chicks with cleavage at 2012 kentucky derby

I have no idea who these lovely women are, but you’ll find them in just about every Kentucky Derby photo gallery out there on the web. Because the mainstream media loves any excuse to pass amazing boobs off as “news.”

1. Coco Austin


Coco Austin, aka Mrs. Ice T, is usually kind of, um, let’s say…not too classy-looking. But here Coco proves that, when she actually wears clothes, she looks amazing. Here’s hoping she keeps wearing more clothes. (It’s not often that we have to say that.)