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22 Weird (And Funny) Baseball GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, May 10, 2012
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weird funny baseball gifs

I love baseball, but I’ll be the first to admit that, when you think about it, it’s a pretty weird game. For starters, there’s no clock, so the game moves about as fast as the pitcher and manager want it to. Which can be pretty slow. And, unlike most pro sports, but very much like golf, you don’t necessarily have to be in good physical shape to play baseball. In fact, about half of baseball players are ingesting harmful carcinogens (i.e., chewing tobacco) while they play. Plus, have you ever noticed that baseball uniforms include belts? What’s up with that?

But there’s an upside to baseball’s quirks: they sometimes lead to some pretty funny moments. And that’s what we celebrate today. I mean, what other sport can offer fans the spectacle of two players jousting like medieval knights during a rain delay? (Answer: none.) So sit back and check out these funny GIFs of weird crap that could only happen in baseball. You won’t regret it.

22. Attack of the Man-Eating Tarp

grounds crew member almost run over by tarp in kansas city

I like how there’s not one bit of hesitation by the Royals grounds crew when one of their own goes flying over the giant tube and into harms way. No one’s like, “Whoa guys! Hold on! Jimmy’s gonna get crushed!” They just keep on running. If the dude breaks a few ribs, he breaks a few ribs. Motherf—in field gotta get covered.

21. Tubby takes a spill

fat baseball player trips and injures himself at home plate

His mom says he’s not fat, he’s husky. But you be the judge. I mean, that looks like it really hurt.

20. Baseball fan, football tackle

fan runs onto field at fenway, tackled by security

Reason #39 why you shouldn’t run onto the field at Fenway: apparently they hire football linebackers to work ball boys.

19. Camera guy fail

baseball camera guy falls during game

I like how Adrian Beltre’s points to this poor dude to see if he’s okay. Very thoughtful. (Mike Napoli couldn’t give a crap.)

18. Sergio Romo takes a spill

pitcher trips on pitchers mound

Whoa, what’s the hurry, Sergio?

17. Pissed Prince

prince fielder pissed off angry

Prince mad! Prince smash! Grraaawwwhh—aaaaw, but Prince not hurt bat! Prince love bat! So pretty!

16. Weirdest first pitch ever?

cirque du soleil first pitch

This is the weird crap that happens when you invite Cirque du Soleil to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

15. When praying mantises attack

baseball player attacked by praying mantis

Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison was no match for this belligerent praying mantis.

14. Old Faithful

angry spitting toronto blue jays player

This might be the weirdest expression of anger I’ve ever seen from a baseball player. Usually they attack gatorade jugs with bats, or punch stuff. Becoming a human geyser? That’s a first.

13. Look out!

umpire yanks little leaguer out of the way

Seeing that this space cadet was about to interfere with a play at the plate, the ump nonchalantly grabs him by the belt and tosses him to the backstop like a rag doll. Classy move, chief.

12. WTF?

weird play at the plate

I have no idea what’s going on here. I mean, judging from the way Swisher’s pockets are hanging, this little clip is being run in reverse (cause gravity doesn’t work that way). But that still doesn’t really explain it. It’s got to be one of the weirdest plays at the plate in the history of baseball.

11. Anger issues

batter karate kicks catcher in head

Meet Izzy Alcántara. Apparently Izzy doesn’t like it when pitchers try to brush him back, nor does he try very hard to suppress his emotions. (That happened back in 2001, when he was playing for the Boston Red Sox’s Triple-A affiliate, the Pawtucket Red Sox.)

10. Ryan Braun's epic baserunning fail

ryan braun stumbles and trips rounding third base

Ladies and gentleman, your 2011 National League MVP. Awesome. (I guess steroids don’t do much for motor skills. Oh wait, I forgot. He was “cleared” of those charges.)

9. Rain Delay Dancer

rain delay dancer

Take it down a notch, Michael Flatley.

8. Rain delay human bowling

rain delay human bowling

So, yeah, rain delays are really boring.

7. Rain delay jousting

rain delay jousting

Yeah, this is what every GM or Athletic Director likes to see—their ballplayers jousting during a rain delay.

Good choice, fellas. No harm could possibly come from this.

6. Brian Wilson takes it in the face

brian wilson celebrating

Bearded Giants closer Brian Wilson was ecstatic to have made the post season. Obviously.

5. Oh my

fat woman playing softball falls running to first base

When this happens at the company picnic softball game, you never live it down. Ever.

4. Panda eat cake?

pablo sandoval trips while running the bases see cake

Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval, aka Kung Fu Panda, isn’t the fittest player in MLB baseball. So when he takes a nasty spill on a routine baserunning play, this kind of GIF is bound to pop up.

3. Best. Argument. Ever.

manager throws grenade at umpire argument

In 2009, Phil Wellman, coach of the Atlanta Braves’ Double-A affiliate, turned in what has to be the greatest performance ever given by an angry baseball manager. And yes, it really did entail Wellman crawling on the ground like a commando, pulling an imaginary pin out of an imaginary grenade (a rosin bag), and throwing it at the feet of the home plate ump.

This helpful GIF immortalizes the moment and adds the special effects that, up until now, we had visualize with our minds. Thanks Phil, and thank you internet people who enhanced this GIF.

2. The Korean Leg Dance

korean baseball hopping on one leg fight

So apparently they do things a little differently in Korean baseball.

1. A-Rod jerkin his bat

a-rod polishing jerking his bat

I hear A-Rod likes to polish his bat several times a day. Interesting technique, wouldn’t you say?