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Rangers Josh Hamilton and Teammates Slip ‘n Slide During Rain Delay (Video)

by: Howard Cosmell On  Thursday, May 10, 2012

I guess when you cut drugs and alcohol out of your life, you revert back to childhood pleasures. After knocking out four homeruns and 18 total bases on Tuesday in a 10-3 rout of the Baltimore Orioles, Josh Hamilton found himself rained out on Wednesday night, which allowed him and several other Rangers to turn the rain tarp at Camden Yards into a giant Slip ‘n Slide.

Don’t get me wrong, the childlike whimsy of moments of these is endearing, but I remember seriously screwing myself up on the things when I was a kid. Factor in that tarps aren’t made for people to slide on, and that these guys are clocking in at over 200 pounds in most instances, and I think you’re flirting with disaster. Couldn’t they exhibit the same carefree attitude by playing a game of Connect Four, or maybe just splashing each other?

Concerns aside, Hamilton made it out of Camden Yards last night with all limbs intact, but should be expecting a stern talking-to by coach Ron Washington about what is and is not acceptable behavior on road trips.