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21 Epic Sports Nut Shots (GIFs)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, May 17, 2012
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sports nut shots

There are a lot of ways to get injured playing sports. And sometimes, the injuries can be pretty weird. But the mother of all sports injuries is the dreaded nut shot. It usually doesn’t leave any permanent damage—well, not physical damage; psychological maybe—but in terms of shear pain there is no comparison. Personally, I’d rather tear both ACL than get hit in the nuts by a baseball, football, knee, or fist. But then my ACLs aren’t worth millions of dollars.

Anyway, today we bring you 21 animated GIFs featuring dudes getting hit in the balls. It’s hilarious, but, you know, also sad. So go get yourself a bag of ice (you’ll probably be a little sore after just watching these) and get ready to cringe.

21. Suzuki, Oakland Catcher

kurt suzuki cathcer nutshot

Cup or no cup, you’re gonna feel that. I wonder if Kurt has kids?

20. Personal Foul

football player punches guy in nuts

Flag on the play…punch to the balls…half the distance to the goal…first down.

19. Joey Pats

jose bautista hits teammate in nuts

If I had come across this GIF of Jose “Joey Bats” Bautista whacking his teammate in the nuts last week, it definitely would have made my list of weird baseball GIFs. But that’s okay; it works here, too.

18. MMA Nutshot: Part 1

mma nut shot

Among the myriad reasons why out of shape dudes shouldn’t compete in MMA: too slow to protect yourself against kicks to the balls.

17. Training mishap

guy tries to jump over hurdle gets hit in nuts

You see, as he reaches the apex of his jump, he realizes, crap, I’m definitely not going to make it over this hurdle. Unfortunately, he can’t stop all the way.

16. Poor Kendrick Perkins

kendrick perkins hit in the balls

Kendrick was not expecting that.

15. Unlucky bounce

guy gets hit in nuts by home run

Here’s a lesson, kids: if a home run ball is coming your way, keep one hand on your junk as a precaution.

14. MMA Nutshot: Part 2

mma fighter kicked in balls

Funny how it takes a few seconds for this guy to feel the full sting of that kick to the nads.

13. Nutshot heard round the world

dan johnson tampa bay home run hits fan in nuts

Dan Johnson’s pinch-hit, 2-out, 2-strike, home run in the bottom of the 9th on the last day of the season probably was the second-most exciting hit we saw in MLB last year. (Not quite as exciting as David Freese’s 2-out, 2-strike, 2-run triple in the bottom of the 9th of Game 6 of the World Series, but a little better than David Freese’s walk-off home run later on in that game.)

What makes it even better? The fact that it hit some poor dude right in the sack. It was poetic, really. That’s how everyone in Boston felt when he hit it. Move over, Bobby Thompson.

12. The old Illinois handshake

illinois player knees northwestern player in the nuts

That’s how they do things in the Land of Lincoln. Right Rod Blagojevich?

11. Bean balls

baseball player hit by pitch in his balls


Just, wow.

10. Unsportsmanlike conduct

football player kicks football player in the balls

Well he’s not going to help you up off the ground now.

9. Didier Zokora, nuthunter

Didier Zokora kicks player in the balls

Ivorian soccer player Didier Zokora doesn’t even try to go for the ball. Well, not the one he’s supposed to go for.

8. Favreballs

brett favre hit in balls at practice

Who does’t like seeing Brett Favre get hit in the nuts? Anybody? You know that reporter who received that picture of his dong on her cell phone likes it. And for that matter, Brett’s wife probably gets a kick out of it, too.

7. MMA Nutshot, Part 3: The Reckoning

mma fighter punched in balls

What’s worse? Getting punched in the junk by your opponent, or having to wear that red spandex underwear?

6. Swing and a miss

soccer football player kicked in balls

And that, folks, is about as hard a kick to the nuts as you’ll ever see.

5. Skater de-balled

skate boarder hits nuts on rail

I used this one a couple weeks ago in our list of skateboarding gifs. It was just too good not to use here.

4. Eddie the Ball-Whacking Eagle

ed belfour hits player in nuts with stick

Don’t f@&$ing put your god&@#n foot anywhere near Eddie Belfour’s crease.

3. Why not to pole vault

pole vaulter hit in nuts with pole

On a related note, I wonder how many pole vaulters are sterile.

2. Why not to throw telephone poles

strongman competition guy hit in nuts with pole

You thought a pole vaulting stick was bad? How about a taking a 20-foot telephone pole to the nuts?

Also, is it just me, or does it look like there’s a guy in his underwear walking through the foreground.

1. Why not to BMX

bmx biker hits balls on rail

Extreme sports yield extreme nutshots.