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The LA Kings Are Using This Infographic To Teach Their Fans About Their Team

by: JamieD On  Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Los Angeles Kings are only one win away from reaching the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since Wayne Gretzky led them there in 1993.  That has forced several people within the Los Angeles area to jump back on the Kings’ bandwagon, however, many of those bandwagon jumpers still seem to be having a tough time grasping the concept of playing hockey with a puck, rather than a ball.

The following infographic was posted on the Kings’ official website with the intention of clarifying all of the confusion regarding their team and the game of hockey.  Included in it was an explanation of the fact that the Los Angeles Kings are not the same team as the Sacramento Kings, Drew Doughty is not the same person as Brad Doty, and a puck is not the same thing as a ball.

Check it out.

los angeles kings infographic

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