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by: Esteban On  Tuesday, June 5, 2012
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ridiculous basketball flops

Is it just me, or is there a flopping epidemic in the game of basketball? Seems like I can’t turn on an NBA game this postseason without seeing some dude who makes $5 million flailing around like he’s being attacked by a swarm of bees. Perhaps they’re all watching too much soccer. I mean, there are a lot of Europeans in the league these days, and LeBron is actually a minority owner of Liverpool FC. And we all know soccer players have a propensity for diving.

Anyway, I decided yesterday that, if this nonsense is going to persist, I might as well put it to good use and do a list of basketball flops. So here you go, folks—25 examples of ridiculous flopping in animated GIF form. Because 24 is too few and 26 is too many.


25. Let's go to the Rajaflop

raja bell flopping

Utah’s Raja Bell really tries to sell this one with the flailing arms. (I think it’s probably a bit too much.)

24. Got Flop?

anderson varejao flopping

Obviously, Anderson Varejão takes cues from his soccer-playing countrymen (he’s from Brazil).

23. LeFlop

lebron james flopping

When King James sees that his path to the hoop is blocked, he just makes like he was hit in the face.

22. LeFlop the Second

lebron james flopping

Wow. For such a big guy, LeBron sure is knocked over easily.

21. Reggieflop

reggie evans flop

Sonic-turned-Nugget-turned-76er-turned-Raptor-turned-Clipper Reggie Evans is a bit of a serial flopper. We’ll see him again further down the list.

20. Help Wanted: Flopping Lessons

nba terrible flop

Someone needs to help out San Antonio’s Cory Joseph. This is one of the least convincing flops I’ve ever seen. I mean, you can’t lead the flop with your hips, then push off with your legs. That’s not how it works.

19. Heirfflöppenwindler

dirk nowitzki flopping

Generally speaking, the Germans are probably the least-floppingest of all European soccer pkayers. But Dirk Nowitzki shows here that the same is not true in basketball.

18. Brad Stevens no like the flop

brad stevens mocks flopping

Butler coach Brad Stevens illustrates his displeasure for the referees.

17. Clemson Flop

clemson basketball player flopping

Well at least this one is actually close to being a real foul. Can’t say that for most of them.

16. Ricky Rubio Flop

ricky rubio flop

Leave it to a Spaniard to really crank the flopping up a notch.

15. Premature flopulation

college basketball player flops not even hit

Dude, you have to wait until someone actually bumps into you before you start flopping all over the place.

14. The rare double flop

manu ginobili double flop

Manu Ginobili tries out a new, experimental flop here: the flailing leg flop. (I think it needs work.)

13. Another rare double flop

double flop nba

This one actually looks two football players would do in the endzone to celebration a touchdown—which says a lot about the states of both football and basketball, I think.

12. So You Think You Can Dance I

chris paul flopping

Here we have Chris Paul doing the Ballet Flop.

11. So You Think You Can Dance II

chris paul flopping

And here we have Chris Paul doing the Jazz Flop. (Note the jazz hands.)

10. The B.O. Flop

basketball player flopping

This is either a major flop, or the guy with the ball didn’t put on deodorant.

9. Tigerflop

missouri tiger basketball player flopping

Mizzou guard Michael Dixon performs one of the more outlandish flops on today’s list. I like how the Baylor players are just completely baffled (in their weird camo and chartreuse uniforms).

8. Blake Grifflop

blake griffin hits himself and flops

Dear Blake Griffin: You can’t flop when you hit yourself in the face. Sincerely, common sense.

7. The classic oversell

major basketball flop

Sadly, the more I watch this GIF, the more I suspect this isn’t actually a flop. It looks like the guy with the ball steps on the defender’s left foot and he loses his balance. But it looks like a flop at first, and, who knows, it might still be a flop—the evidence is inconclusive. So I left it in.

6. More Reggie Evans

crazy reggie evans flop

Oh no, Reggie Evans just got shot in the face! Wait, no, just flopping.

5. CBflop

chris bosh flop

This is slow motion, but I’m sure even in real-time one would notice the delay on Bosh’s reaction to this phantom elbow.

4. Can I get an AAAA-men?!

lebron james flop

Exactly what part of his body is LeBron trying to intimate has been injured?

3. Delayed Reaction

hilarious basketball flop

This one is a classic. Maybe you’ve seen it before. But in case not, well, here you go.

2. Look before you flop

chris paul flops on ref

Here, Chris Paul flops on the referee.

Whoa, that sounds dirty.

1. The Phantom Punch

phantom punch basketball flopping

This one is my personal favorite. So brash, so ridiculous, so embarrassing. What’s not to love?