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19 Awesome Karate Fail GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, June 28, 2012
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karate fail gifs

Alright, let’s get it out of the way right off the bat: no, these aren’t all “karate” GIFs. Some are probably taekwondo, or judo, or kung fu. In fact, I think there’s even a capoeira GIF. But I’ve called them all “Karate GIFs” for three reasons: one, I know pretty much nothing about “martial arts”; two, “Karate Fail” just sounds better in a headline than “Martial Arts Fail”; and three, when I was growing up, you watched The Karate Kid and took karate lessons. No one took capoeira lessons, and there was no movie called “The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kid.”

In other words, “karate” is a catch-all phrase meaning basically any Asian martial art where guys go HI-YA! Is that ignorant? You bet. But when Jackie Chan was doing press junkets for the Karate Kid remake he did with Will Smith’s kid, you didn’t hear him going on and on about how, really, it should have been changed to the Kung Fu Kid, since he’s Chinese and the movie takes place in China. He just went with it. And so should you.

So without further ado, check out these hilarious karate fail GIFs. After you check them out, even if you hate me for my lack of knowledge about your particular ancient martial art, you’ll still have to admit these things made you laugh.

19. Board-breaking fail

karate board breaking fail

Don’t watch the guy in the center of the frame. Watch the guy at the back, on the left. I’m pretty sure that’s would it would look like if I (with my 0 years of karate training) tried to break a stack of boards with my foot.

18. Fat guys doing stuff are funny

fat guy karate fail

This is obviously some kind of staged situation. I’m pretty sure real karate dudes don’t usually try to break 2x4s. Or, you know, wear track pants and wife-beaters. But who cares if it is staged. Funny is funny.

17. Flying board-breaker fail

karate fail

Not sure if this guy was supposed to break that board with his fist, head, foot, or what, but I am sure he was supposed to break it and not just plow into the top of the barrier.

16. Karate Master

karate fail

Even I have to admit that just calling this nonsense “karate” is an insult to any 8-year-old who’s ever taken just a single karate lesson. It looks to me like whoever is responsible for that GIF of the fat guy trying to break the 2×4 in #18 also made this one, too.

15. Too many bricks

karate guy tries to break bricks

I like how the guy doesn’t lose his sense of decorum just because he fails miserably. He still bows afterward.

14. Garage Karate

karate fail loser kid in parents' garage

Dude, two things. (A) If you do stuff like this, the first thing you have to do afterwards is destroy the tape. I don’t care if it also contains your sister’s wedding and definitive proof of bigfoot. Into the fire. But (B) don’t do stuff like this.

13. Delayed reaction

karate kick to head knockout

Sometimes it just takes a good second for a kick to the head to set in.

12. Judo Takedown Fail/Win

awesome karate take-down

One man’s fail is another man’s win. The dude on the left is just like me when I’m fighting off the bad guys in the Kung Fu movies in my dreams.

11. Kramer-san

kramer does karate against kids on seinfeld

Man, Michael Richards was hilarious as Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld. When I watch reruns, I almost completely forget about that whole racist tirade caught on tape at a comedy club a few years ago. Almost.

10. George Michael Bluth without the light sabre

karate fail loser kid

Speaking of cult classic TV shows, if you haven’t watched every episode of Arrested Development (and thus have no idea who George Michael Bluth is), go do it right now. It’s on Netflix.

Wait, don’t go yet. Finish looking at these GIFs first. Then go.

9. Roughhousing gets real

kid karate kicks other kid in the face

It’s all fun and games until someone looses a tooth and requires several thousand dollars worth of emergency dental work.

8. F#@$ you, sensei

kid kicks his karate teacher in the nuts

I’m pretty sure stuff like this is why my parents wouldn’t let me take karate lessons when I was a kid. They feared I would turn on them.

7. Cup-testing fail

girl kicks dude in nuts

The guy seems to be standing there waiting for the kick. And no one else in the room really seems all that shocked at what has transpired. So I’m thinking they were testing his cup, or he was trying to prove something. I don’t know. Whatever the case, I’m glad I’m not that guy, and so is my special lady.

6. Another brick-breaking fail

karate brick break fail

An old white guy with dreads trying to break a stack of bricks with his elbow, but failing miserably and looking disgusted with himself? This is Kevin Federline 10 years from now.

Man, I miss making jokes about Kevin Federline. That guy was the best.

5. Backflip nunchuk fail

karate nunchuk backflip fail

You gotta hand it to this guy. He’s determined that the show must go on, even if that faceplant did just totally wreck his equilibrium.

4. Capoeira + Soccer = Brazil

capoeira soccer ball hits dude in face

This one combines two of the three things for which Brazil is most famous. (I guess they couldn’t figure out how to work in a thong bikini.)

3. Measure twice, cut once

karate trick fail gif

This girl is very careful to measure her kick twice so that she doesn’t accidentally kick this dude’s face. (It appears as though her intent is to knock the cigarette out of his mouth.) Then, after her careful preparation, she changes her stance and kicks with the other leg. Smart.

2. Where not to stand

karate fail

If you see that some dude is about to try breaking a board held head-high with a jumping roundhouse kick, it’s probably a bad idea to stand right behind the board.

1. Nunchuk Nads

karate fail

Nut shots are wonderful. Especially when self-inflicted by some douche with a set of nunchuks.