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25 Celebrities Spotted at the 2012 NHL Playoffs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, June 28, 2012

celebrities at the 2012 nhl playoffs

Most years, you’re more likely to spot celebrities at NBA, NFL, or MLB playoff games than NHL playoff games. For that matter, you’re more likely to see celebrities at horse racing’s Kentucky Derby or tennis’ U.S. Open. But this year, with three teams from the two biggest American markets making deep playoff runs, celebrities are actually starting to show a little love for hockey. And not just the Canadian ones, either, but celebs from America, England, Ireland, Scotland, and even Australia. Sure, these are all English-speaking countries, and it would be cooler if, say, Colombia’s Sophia Vergara had been spotted at a playoff hockey game. But it’s the NHL we’re talking about here, and beggars can’t be choosers.

Anyway, with Hollywood’s favorite hockey team looking to wrap up the NHL season in Los Angeles by Wednesday, I thought it’d be a good time to see which who’s whos have been spotted at NHL playoff games this year. Is there a method to the rankings? Well, kind of. The order results from a combination of three factors: (a) which of these celebrities I’d most like to sit next to at a hockey game, (b) which are the most unlikely hockey fans, and (c) which of them a hockey team would most want to have in their seats, wearing their team’s gear. In other words, it’s very scientific.

But enough exposition. Let’s look at all the pretty famous people!

25. Vince Gill

vince gill at predators playoff game

Most NHL teams would probably take or leave Vince Gill. But in Nashville, the center of the country music universe, it’s good to have a country legend like that front and center, wearing the jersey of a beloved player (Wade Belak) whose life ended too soon.

24. Rainn Wilson

rainn wilson dwight schrute at kings playoff game

You know him as Dwight Schrute from NBC’s The Office. His wife Holiday knows him as Rainn. But the funny thing is, with their goofy hippy names, Rainn and Holiday named their kid Walter.

23. Eric Stonestreet

eric stonestreet modern family at kings canucks game

You probably don’t recognize the name, but at least 5.5 million of you between the ages of 18 and 49 recognize the face as Cam Tucker—one of the gay guys from Modern Family. In any case, this is him at a King-Canucks game in LA.

22. Wil Wheaton

wil wheaton blues kings game 3 staples center

This one’s for all you nerds out there. (Out of respect for you, I won’t explain who Wil Wheaton is to the rest of the internet people.)

21. Alyssa Milano

alyssa milano game 3 blues kings staples center

What is Alyssa Milano even famous for anymore? Just being a hot chick who goes to Dodgers games? She was most recently in Charmed, but that ended in 2006, and even then it was just the 5th most popular show on the WB. (That’s like if Phoenix had 5 hockey teams, and you played for the 5th most popular one.)

20. Alice Cooper

alice cooper game 5 kings coyotes arena

Former heavy metal rocker turned pro-am golfer Alice Cooper was spotted at the Coyotes-Kings game in Glendale, AZ, a few weeks back. But it sure looks like he’s waiving a Los Angeles rally towel. (PS, how awesome is that awesome white track suit and white hat?)

19. Gerard Butler

gerard butler game 1 rangers devils madison square garden

How did Gerard Butler go from starring in manly movies like 300 to such awful rom-coms like The Ugly Truth and The Bounty Hunter? Also, how did this Scottish actor become such a huge Rangers fan? (This is him one of their games against the Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals.)

18. Kurt Russell

kurt russell game 3 blues kings staples center

Kurt Russell was spotted at one of the Kings’ games against the Blues at the Staples Center in Round 2. And it’s only fitting, since Russell starred in one of the most loved hockey movies of all time (Miracle).

17. Swizz Beats

swizz beats and son rangers capitals game 2 madison square garden

Swizz Beats, aka Mr. Alicia Keys, took one of his kids to see the Rangers take on the Capitals at Madison Square Garden in Round 2.

16. Christopher McDonald

christopher mcdonald shooter mcgavin kings game

Shooter McGavin took in Game 3 of the Kings’ third round series against the Coyotes at the Staples Center in LA. Which is awesome.

15. James Gandolfini

james gandolfini game 4 kings coyotes

You’d expect Tony Soprano to be spotted at an Islanders playoff game instead of a Kings playoff game…except, oh, that’s right, the Islanders don’t make the playoffs.

14. Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman

keith-urban-nicole-kidman predators playoff game against red wings

Though Keith Urban is a country music star, he and wife Nicole “I aint had no plastic surgery” Kidman are both from Australia. So I’m guessing they’re new to the game. At least Keith is making an effort, though. Nicole just looks annoyed that she has to wear that baggy t-shirt.

13. John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

john legend and chrissy teigen rangers capitals game 7 madison square garden

Did you know R&B crooner John Legend is engaged to SI swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen? Well he is, and this is the happy couple at Game 7 between the Rangers and Caps at MSG.

12. The Constellation

channing-tatum-joseph-gordon-levitt-dax-shepard-kristen-bell-sean-hayes kings coyotes game 3

A constellation is a grouping of stars. This is a photo of a group of stars sitting together at a Kings playoff game against the Coyotes. So it’s a constellation. Get it?

Anyway, in case you can’t tell who these people are, we’ve got Channing Tatum looking like a doofus in the sideways Indians hat; Joseph Gordon-Levitt looking all hipstery in his retro Lakers jacket; Dax Shepard looking like some guy you kind of recognize from that one movie; Kristin Bell looking hot as usual; and Sean Hayes not at all looking like Jack from Will & Grace.

11. David Beckham

david beckham kings canucks game 3

Soccer player/underwear model David Beckham and family took in Game 3 between the Canucks and Kings in LA. He was wearing a Kings hat, but I’m guessing he didn’t grow up watching Luc Robitaille, Bernie Nicholls, Dave Stewart, and Tiger Williams. He just likes the Kings because he’s English, and English people like monarchies.

10. Lea Michele & Cory Monteith

lea michele cory monteith glee rangers playoff game

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, aka the 30-year-old high school kids from Glee, were spotted canoodling at Game 2 between the Rangers and Devils at the Garden. Sadly, the game never broke out into a choreographed mashup.

9. Jude Law

jude law with daughter at rangers game

Jude Law actually looks like a nice, normal guy (who’s not a total douche) in this photo, hanging out at the Rangers game with his daughter Iris.

8. Liam Neeson

liam neeson at rangers game

Here’s awesome Irish dude Liam Neeson taking in a Rangers-Senators game with his son and mother-in-law, Vanessa Redgrave.

7. Snooki

snooki rangers senators game 5 madison square garden

America’s favorite drunken midget was at Game 5 between the Rangers and Senators in New York.

6. Jon Hamm

jon hamm blues kinds game 3 staples center

Reasons why Jon Hamm is awesome:

  • he’s on Mad Men
  • he called Kim Karadashian an idiot in an interview with Elle UK
  • he still supports his home town team even though he’s lived in LA for over a decade

5. Vince Vaughn

vince-vaughn blackhawks coyots chicago

If it’s a sporting event and it’s taking place in Chicago (at least on the North Side), Vince Vaughn will be there. He was for this Round 1 game between the Hawks and Desert Dogs.

4. Rachel McAdams

rachel mcadams game 4 blues kings staples center

Last year, London, Ontario, native Rachel McAdams joined the rest of Canada in hopping on the Canucks bandwagon, even making a trip to Boston to see the Canucks play in the Finals. This year, apparently, she’s joined the rest of Hollywood in hopping on the Kings bandwagon. And here she is at a second round game between the Kings and Blues at the Staples Center.

3. Will Ferrell

will ferrell and cam from modern family at the kings canucks game

Will Ferrell is a Los Angeles native (well, Orange County at least) who went to USC and is known to be an avid sports fan. So he actually has some Kings street cred.

2. Carrie Underwood

carrie underwood predators games

Here’s the obligatory nervous Carrie Underwood photo. The gorgeous country star is married to Nashville’s Mike Fisher, so obviously she was at every game Nashville played this postseason.

1. Kate Upton

kate upton rangers devils playoff game

At #1 we have SI Swimsuit covergirl Kate Upton. No idea if she’s a genuine Rangers fan, but she did paint her nails powder blue for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Rangers and Devils at MSG. So that’s something.