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Drunk Croatian Fans at Euro 2012 Clash with Polish Police (Video)

by: Esteban On  Monday, June 11, 2012
Tags:  Croatia   Euro 2012   Hooligans   Poland   Soccer   Sports Riot  

croatian fans clash with polish police at euro 2012You gotta love European soccer fans. They don’t wait until the end of a match before they start rioting. In fact, sometimes they don’t even wait till the match actually begins.

That was the case on Sunday in Proznan, one of the four Polish cities hosting games for Euro 2012. Before the opening round match between Croatia and Ireland even began, some unruly drunken Croatian fans got into a fight—amongst themselves—at a bar (apparently, there was a disagreement between supporters of two rival Croatian club teams from Zagreb and Split.)

Somehoew, this fight in a bar between countrymn spilled out into the streets and turned into a violent confrontation between the Croats and Polish riot police in Proznan’s old town square.

Again, you gotta love European soccer fans.

Anyway, chairs, bottles, and of course flares—a soccer hooligan staple—were thrown; three people were arrested.

Here’s some video of the standoff:

As you can see, some of those Drunken Croatians think they’re pretty tough when they’ve got the police outnumbered. However, they backed off pretty quickly when the cops started whacking them with their batons and the reinforcements arrived.

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