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20 Soccer Celebration GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, June 14, 2012

soccer celebration gifs

You can’t blame soccer players for going big with their goal celebrations. There are so few opportunities, you just have to make the most out of each and every one. And of course, the same applies to fans. Given that there’s a 40% chance you’ll see a 0-0 draw any time you fork over your hard-earned money for a ticket, I’m surprised people aren’t celebrating goals by the opposing team.

Anyway, I thought that with all this Euro 2012 stuff in the news these days, now would be a good time to do a list of soccer celebration GIFs. Some are awesome, some are funny, some are clever, some are disturbing (you’ll know those when you see them), and, of course, some are just total failures. They are all, however, entertaining. So enjoy.

20. The Wimbledon

soccer celebration tennis theo walcott

I assume Theo Walcott is playing fake tennis, and not fake table tennis. That would be kind of lame.

19. The Double Windmill

goofy soccer celebration

Don’t get in this guy’s way after he scores a goal. You might lose an eye.

18. The Flipebration

soccer player doing a celebration flip

Someone’s been taking capoeira classes. (Psst, it’s this guy.)

17. The Celebration Punch-Out

soccer player punched by teammate while celebrating

Alberto picked the wrong time to ask Francesco if he was okay with him dating his ex-wife.

16. The Trap Door

soccer celebration fail

Yeah, at the time it seemed like hopping up on that box would be a great way to celebrate a goal. Who knew it could support so little weight?

15. The Suicide Bomber

soccer celebration explosion blows up

I imagine it was tough for this team to carry on after losing 5 of their starting players in this horrible post-goal celebration bombing.

14. The Miscellaneous

didier drogba celebration

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why all strikers and maybe even the midfielder needs to have a plan heading into every game. If you try to improvise like Didier, here, you end up looking like a buffoon. (A very talented buffoon.)

13. The Happy Coach

soccer coach celebration

First he falls, which is understandable. But then his own player grabs hold of him and throws him to the ground like a rag doll…which is weird, no?

12. The Bowl Cut

ukrainian soccer fan kid excited

From Euro 2012—awful haircut, super cute kid.

Go Ukraine!

11. The Celebratus Interuptus

manchester united fans react to city win

This is the exact moment when Manchester United fans realized Manchester City pulled off a miracle to win the EPL title back on May 13. Awesome.

10. The B-Boy

soccer break dance celebration

Why yes, the soccer field is the perfect place to show off your break dancing skillz. Good call, buddy.

9. The Lambeau Leap...Rejected

lambeau leap fail

This footballer is obviously a fan of American football, since he gives the old Lambeau Leap a try after scoring a goal. Unfortunately, he gets bitch-slapped by an opposing fan.

8. The Crab Hump

soccer players do crab walk hump

There are no words. (Except W…T…F)

7. The Dive to Nowhere

funny soccer celebration fail

I’ve watch this one a lot, and it really looks like the guy is intentionally avoided his teammate. Maybe he’s a serial celebratory tackler.

6. The One that Didn't Get Away

amazing soccer celebration fishing picture

I’d probably be pretty pissed if an opposing team showed me up like this. But all things being equal, it’s pretty awesome.

5. The Butt Dance

weird soccer celebration

Um, that’s what my dog does when his anal gland is impacted. (Yeah, you know what I’m talking about dog owners.)

4. The Scuba Diver

awesome soccer scuba diver celebration

Roger Levesque of the Seattle Sounders gave us a goal celebration for the ages with this one.

3. The Self-Congratulator

funny soccer celebration

Extremely creative and very funny. But I’m sure the team owner didn’t appreciate his calling attention to all the empty seats.

2. The Rectal Handshake

soccer player sticks hand up teammates butt during celebration

“How many times do I have to tell you? Stop sticking your hand up my ass, dude.”

1. The Penis Muncher

soccer player bites teammate on balls

You bit your teammate on the penis to celebrate his goal. So no, Francisco Gallardo, you never will live this down. Ever.