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Top 10 Best David Silva Goals (Videos)

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, June 14, 2012


David Silva was previously a fans’ favorite at Valencia with the influential play-maker reveling for several seasons at the Spanish club. His services were sought by Manchester City and a big-money move followed and it’s certainly paid off with the midfielder becoming one of the best players in his position in Europe during the current season. Whilst he may not score as much as he would have liked, the player has still managed to churn out a fair share of notable goals. Total Pro Sports takes a look at the top 10 best David Silva goals.


With David Villa’s corner being headed away by an opposing player, David Silva takes advantage of the dropping ball by shooting a composed finish from the edge of the box into the bottom right corner of the net.


Retrieving the ball from a team-mate, David Silva progresses inside the box and ends the move by finishing off with a curling shot that finds its way into the net’s left hand side.


With Spanish international team-mate Juan Mata crossing the ball in to David Silva with the player inside the opposition’s box, the midfielder converts brilliantly finishing off with a shot from a tight angle.


Receiving the ball from inside the box via a cross, David Silva swiftly turns and then alights the ball with a slight turn to finish it off curling in a great shot into the left hand corner of the net.


With a team-mate running towards the goal on the left hand side, a precise pass that falls into the path of David Silva sees the midfielder brilliantly finishing off by side-footing into the top left hand corner of the net.


Cutting inside the box after receiving the ball from a team-mate, David Silva shoots into the bottom right hand corner of the goal via a half turn.


With the ball being headed away by an Aston Villa defender, David Silva capitalizes on the dropping ball by controlling it at the edge of the box and instantly driving a shot into the goal.


>Manchester City had to win their game against Bayern Munich at the Etihad stadium if they wanted any chance of progressing to the Champions League’s knockout stages. David Silva broke the deadlock when the midfielder had the ball hit his chest to which he then unleashed a fine shot into the bottom left hand corner of the goal.


When Blackpool were in the Premier League during the 10/11 season, David Silva scored a memorable goal when he faked a shot inside the box, faked it again, takes an extra touch and then curls in a beauty.


During his time with Valencia, the club’s visit to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea saw the player scoring, arguably, his best goal so far in his career a strike from 25 yards or so, beating Peter Cech to the right hand corner of the net.