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Top 10 Best Karim Benzema Goals (Videos)

by: AnthonyP On  Friday, June 15, 2012
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Karim Benzema’s Real Madrid career wasn’t a period in his career he’ll look fondly over; with limited starts and a horrid time whilst playing which consequently led to injuries and bench time, the striker finally had a change of luck when Jose Mourinho became the club’s manager; the French striker has now enjoyed a prolific goal-scoring record for the entirety of last season and the current season so far. Total Pro Sports has compiled a list of the top 10 best Karim Benzema goals.


During an international match with France, Karim Benzema stopped the ball and took it in the opposing direction from the defender with great skill, adding a further touch and ultimately finishing in a composed goal.


Retrieving the ball from a long cross, Karim Benzema showed his touch of brilliance by side footing the ball into his path and slotting past the keeper from inside the box.


During a match away against Atletico Madrid, Karim Benzema ran onto a ball from Sami Khedira and executed a delicate dink that beat then-keeper David de Gea.


Flicking the ball up slightly after receiving it from a team mate, Benzema waits a split second for it to bounce and then shoots with power high into the middle of the goal.


In a match against Valencia, Xabi Alonso spotted an early run from Karim Benzema and crossed in a great ball to which was then capitalized by the striker when controlled with one foot and shot with the other.


Receiving the ball from Real Madrid midfielder Esteban Granero, Benzema carried out a quick step-over and then shot into the top right hand corner of the net with a brilliant strike.


Karim Benzema ran inside the opposition’s box in this fine individual effort against Spanish outfit Sevilla. The striker just about managed to take the ball away from an oncoming defender to which he then stopped and turned with the ball to send the defender sliding away, and finally finished with a composed curling shot.


Karim Benzema’s goal against Auxerre was heavily publicized due to the quality of the goal itself. In a Champions League encounter with the side, Benzema intercepted a pass from the opposition keeper, controlled the ball and then magnificently converted a shot into the open goal from an acute angle.


During France’s match against Albania, Karim Benzema showcased his talents by taking the ball past defenders on the edge of the box and then driving a powered shot past the keeper and into the back of the net.


It was 2-0 to Barcelona during the second leg of the Copa Del Ray, and Cristiano Ronaldo had equalized to give Real Madrid a glimpse of hope. Benzema made their encounter with rivals Barcelona becoming level on scores a near-reality when he scored a magnificent goal by touching the ball past Carlos Puyol, adding an extra touch with his knee and then slotting into the bottom left corner of the net.