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30 Celebrities Spotted At The 2012 NBA Playoffs

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, June 19, 2012

celebrities spotted at 2012 nba playoffs

A few weeks ago we brought you a list of the notable celebrity sightings from the 2012 NHL Playoffs. And while that crop of A-listers (or in some cases, B- or C- listers) was pretty impressive for the relatively blue-collar NHL, it’s nothing compared to today’s list of celebrities spotted at the 2012 NBA Playoffs. It features hip-hop superstars, swimsuit supermodels, curvy socialites, major movie stars, and a few people who are just downright cool. And unlike the hockey list, not one of these people is Canadian—though there are a few repeats. So have a few clicks and check out which celebrities suddenly became big basketball fans at the end of April.

30. Jeremy Renner

#30 jeremy renner at lakers playoff game

Some celebrities kind of burst onto the scene and are big stars from day one. Others are like Jeremy Renner, and one day you realize they’re in a ton of big movies and you didn’t even realize it.

29. Chris Tucker

#29 chris-tucker boston gardens celtics heat

Almost didn’t recognize Chris Tucker here. When did he get old? (Oh, right, while he was buy not making movies for the last 10 years.)

28. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

#28 joseph gordon-levitt at lakers playoff game

You could spot JGL and his trademark hipster frames anywhere. (I certainly spotted him on the Kings’ Stanley Cup bandwagon as well.)

27. Gabrielle Union

#27 gabrielle union at heat playoff game

Gabrielle Union has to be at the Heat games, since she’s D-Wade’s special lady friend. The funny thing about this couple? She’s ten years older than him. You don’t see that very often in the NBA, NFL, Hollywood, or pretty much anywhere in pop culture.

26. Jack Black

#26 jack black calling time out at lakers playoff game

I thought Jack Black had lost a bunch of weight or something. Wait, no. I’m thinking of Jonah Hill.

25. Bubba Watson

#25 bubba watson at magic playoff game

Here’s the unlikely 2012 Masters Champion Bubba Watson taking in one of the Orlando Magic’s precious few playoff games this year. I love how the angle of the photo makes it looks like he’s wearing daisy pushers and women’s sandals and has a purse between his feet.

24. Bill Hader

#24 bill hader oklahoma city thunder game

Quiz: is Saturday Night Live funny man Bill Hader (a) an Oklahoma native, or (b) a bandwagon jumper-oner like the rest of the now numerous Thunder fans around the country?

Answer: (a) Bill Hader was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So he’s allowed to root for the Thunder.

23. Andy Garcia

#23 andy garcia at lakers playoff game

If I saw Andy Garcia at the Lakers game, I’d ask him what it’s like to be in the one Godfather film people don’t like.

22. Chris Rock

#22 chris-rock-david-spade at boston celtics 76ers playoff game

Hey, who’s that little guy sitting next to Chris Rock? Oh, right, it’s David Spade. The funny thing is, during their tenure on SNL, which I presume is where they became friends, Spade was the one who was kind of popular and Chris Rock could barely get in a sketch. Now the roles are a little reversed, to put it mildly.

21. Antonio Banderas

#21 antonio banderas at lakers playoff game

Antonia Banderas used to be such a cool dude—chicks wanted to be with him, dudes wanted to be like them. Now when I see him all I hear is “Pussss eeen boooots.” Very unfortunate.

20. Fergie

#20 fergie at lakers playoff game

Does everyone around in her the crowd give Fergie a dirty look when they play “I Gotta Feeling” over the PA? It’s not that it’s a bad song, mind you, it’s just that I got sick of it right about the time my grandma told me she liked it because she saw it on Oprah.

19. Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza

#19 mario lopez and courtney mazza at lakers playoff game

Zack Morris always got first pick of the ladies on Saved By the Bell, but these days A.C. Slater is the one who, miraculously, still has a career. Nice work, Mario.

18. Larry David

#18 larry david at lakers playoff game

This guy looks hilarious just sitting there. (In case you don’t know, he’s the creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm

17. Paula Abdul

#17 paula-abdul at boston celtics playoff game

Paula Abdul is at all kinds of sporting events these days. A fews weeks ago she was dancing with the Phillie Phanatic at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, and here she is cheering on…well, somebody, at TD Garden in Boston.

16. T.I.

#16 T.I. at hawks playoff game

Finally, one of the few celebrities who sticks to his roots and supports the team from the town in which he grew up. T.I. is keeping it real and rooting for the Atlanta Hawks, here.

15. Megan Fox and some guy

#15 megan fox and brian austin green at lakers playoff game

Megan Fox was always hot, but something seemed a little off to me. Then she married Brian Austin Green (pictured), whose only claim to fame to fame was a teenage melodrama that last aired new episodes in 2000, and it all made sense.

14. Jack Nicholson

#14 jack nicholson at lakers playoff game

This guy has been a staple courtside at Lakers games for a couple of decades now. He’s the Spike Lee of Los Angeles. (Or is Spike Lee the Nicholson of New York?)

13. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

#13 justin timberlake and jessica biel at lakers playoff game

Justin Timberlake was born in Memphis, so normally I’d give him crap for not rooting for the Grizzlies. But he’s lived in L.A. since he was about 12, so that gives him enough L.A. cred to root for the Lakers. And of course his fiance Jessica can just go ahead and do whatever the hell she wants.

12. Flo Rida

#12 flo rida miami heat boston celtics

Here’s Flo Rida at one of the games between the Heat and Celtics. I think with a name like Flo Rida, it’s obvious who he was rooting for.

11. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

#11 will-smith-jada-pinkett-smith at 76ers playoff game

Will and Jada aren’t just 76ers fans, they are 76ers owners. So they’ll be fixtures at whatever they call that arena in Philadelphia (I think it’s still Wells Fargo Center, isn’t it?) for years to come.

10. Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal clipper game

Billy Crystal’s schtick is a little old and tired, but that’s okay. He’s been around for a long time. And as far as I’m concerned, any celebrity who has the balls to be a L.A. Clippers fan when (everyone else is a Lakers sheep) is okay in my book.

9. Snoop Dog

#9 snoop dog rasta at lakers playoff game

Here’s snoop dog at the Lakers game, sporting his new Rastafarian look. I think it suits him.

8. Ben Stiller and Kanye West

#8 ben stiller and kanye west at knicks heat playoff game

This photo is probably just a coincidence, but talk about your odd couple.

Now, Ben’s parents are actors and he grew up in Hollywood, so I understand why he’s a Lakers fan. But shouldn’t Kanye West be a Bulls fan?

7. Denzel Washington

#7 denzel washington at lakers playoff game

What is the sports world coming to, when it’s okay for a guy to wear a New York Yankees hat to an L.A. Lakers game? (Even if it is Denzel.)

6. Lil Wayne

#6 lil wayne at heat playoff game

Lil Wayne just doesn’t look the same when he’s holding his kid. Kind of breaks the fourth wall of his public persona.

5. Will Ferrell

#5 will ferrell at lakers playoff game

Will Ferrell is a Los Angeles native and a legitimate sports nut. So anytime there’s a big game in L.A., you can count on seeing him there.

4. Bill Murray

#4 bill murray at bulls playoff game in philadelphia

The great Bill Murray is also a homer and a sports nut—only he’s from Chicago, so obviously, he’s a Bulls fan. This year he wasn’t spotted at the game in Chicago, however. He caught the Bulls in Philadelphia before the #1 seed lost to #8.

3. Mitt Romney

#3 mitt romney at celtics playoff game

Here’s Mitt Romney, your regular everyday millionaire, wondering what he’s supposed to do with this silly towel. (He’s also wondering why KJ and Hondo aren’t in the game today.)

2. Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian Celebrities At The Lakers Game

Kim was spotted at the Lakers game with her new manfriend Kanye West. But I cut him out because (a) we already saw Kanye on this list and (b) Kim K. and her impressive dress deserve their own entry.

1. Kate Upton

Kate Upton Celebrities Attend The Miami Heat Vs New York Knicks Playoff Game - May 3, 2012

It takes a special kind of woman to top both the list of celebrities at the 2012 NHL playoffs and the list of celebrities at the 2012 NBA playoffs. Specifically, it takes this kind of woman.

Keep up the good work, Kate.