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20 Douchetastic Lebron James Gifs

by: Howard Cosmell On  Monday, March 18, 2013
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20 Douchetastic Lebron James Gifs

Let’s not kid ourselves. After tonight’s game, LeBron James will probably have a championship trophy hoisted above his head. Up until now, his detractors could relish in the fact that the most vilified man in the NBA had never gone the distance. But unless the Thunder can manage a three-game winning streak, all LeBron’s haters will soon be eating crow.While the end is near, it’s not here yet. So damn it, let’s enjoy what little time we have left by looking at these 20 douchetastic LeBron James gifs, and be content in the fact that, at least for the moment, LeBron is still ringless.

1. LeBron Stinks... No, Really...

LeBron James farts while riding the pine. It stunk almost as bad as he did last year against Dallas.

2. Thrilled

Doesn’t he look thrilled?

3. World's Smallest Violin

Just try not to punch your screen.

4. Air Ball

It’s all about the fundamentals.

5. Nice Easy Layup

Great finesse!

6. Blah, Blah, Blah...

Thank god for the interruption.

7. Fear

Look at the fear in his eyes.

8. Contempt

Your teammates are not amused.

9. Look Out for The Kids

LeBron makes children cry.

10. Flop

And the Oscar goes to…

11. Run Away!

Run away! Run away!

12. Flop 2

Jesus, LeBron.

13. Slide


I’m no physicist, but that fall seems off.

14. Flail

Nice windmill technique.

15. Laid Out

That is extremely satisfying to watch.

16. Douche Dance

Everybody do the Douche!

17. Denied!


18. Fan Appreciation

At least he loves his fans.

19. Oh no!

Oh yes!

20. Bite Down!

A great time for a seizure.