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by: AnthonyP On  Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Ryan Giggs is regarded, to many, the best player to ever grace a Manchester United shirt. Even greater than United legend George Best, the player is still continuing his career whilst 38; still, every time the legendary midfielder plays the game he showcases he hasn’t lost his magical touch that escalated him to the status of on of the best players of the modern era. Total Pro Sports has compiled a list of the top 10 best Ryan Giggs goals.


Receiving the ball from fellow Manchester United legend, Eric Cantonna, Ryan Giggs unleashed a smashing strike from the edge of the box which beat the keeper to end up hitting the net’s top left hand corner.


Ryan Giggs has been known for his well-taken, curling free-kicks and it was exactly the case against Bolton; from a good 25 yards or so, the midfielder curled it into the right bar to which it consequently hit and went into the goal.


Showcasing his individual brilliance once again, Ryan Giggs displays his pace against Leeds United in a Premier League match when he plays plays a one-two with a team-mate and then beats the opposing player to the ball by getting a foot to it resulting in a well-taken goal.


With the ball being passed on in a match against European side Juventus, Ryan Giggs latched on to the ball and took it into his stride to which then striked a powerful shot into the top of the net and into the back of the goal.


Ryan Giggs’ early playing days saw the midfielder in a match against Coventry City. The Manchester United winger controlled the ball down to the edge of the box, and then released a brilliant shot that floated into the net’s top left corner.


When Manchester United played Leeds United, Ryan Giggs emerged on his favored left wing from a corner, nutmegged a player and shot with the outside of his boot with power which ended up at the back of the net.


Ryan Giggs’ individual efforts are all too familiar when he puts on a Manchester United shirt. On this occasion against West Ham United, Giggs alluded an incoming player with a deaf touch and carried out the same whilst in the box against another opposing player to which he then curled home.


During a match against Barnsley, Ryan Giggs showed off his individual technique for the umpteenth time when he took the ball into his stride from the half way line, progressed to around 20 yards by alluding a few players to finally hit a sweet ball into the right hand side of the net.


Giggs’ goal against Coventry City will be one to remember; sliding in to win the ball successfully, the winger curls in a brilliant effort into the top right hand corner of the net.


In a goal that would cement his status as one of the best players to have ever graced the Premier League, Ryan Gigg’s finest goal comes in a FA Cup semi-final replay against Arsenal. Picking the ball up from beyond the half-way line, Gigg’s escalates towards goals, dodges several challenges through his way into the box and dodges more whilst in the box and finally unleashes a great effort into the roof of the net.