David Beckham Lost His Cool On The San Jose Earthquakes And Their Mascot (Video)

david beckham loses cool with mascotSay whatever you want about David Beckham—that he’s overrated, that he’s underachieved during his national career with England, that he’s got too many giant billboards of himself wearing only underwear—but you cannot deny the fact that he is a fierce competitor. When he’s out there on the pitch, he wants to win as bad as anybody.

This was evident on Saturday night, when Beckham’s Los Angeles Galaxy traveled to San Jose take on the Earthquakes.

In extra time, with the Galaxy down a goal to the Earthquakes, Beckham lost his cool. He kicked a ball at a San Jose player who was down on the field, then got into a scuffle with the ther San Jose players.

And when the San Jose mascot tried to intervene? Well, there were no punches thrown, but Becks did tell him to take a hike, and the stupid mascot got the hell out of there.

Check it out for yourself:

As the commentator on the second half of the clip points out, Beckham learned on Friday that he had not been selected for England’s Olympic soccer squad, even though he’d campaigned tirelessly to bring the Olympics to his home country for years. So it was quite possible that all his frustrations came to a boiling point out there on the field Saturday night.

But regardless of the reason, I have to say, I admire the man’s passion.

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