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29 Awesome Golf GIFs

by: Esteban On  Monday, August 6, 2012

 golf gifs

Golf is a versatile sport. It can be subtle, or it can be incredible. It can be serene and beautiful, or it can be infuriating and ugly. It can be classy and sophisticated, or it can be downright hilarious.

You get the idea.

Anyway, today we celebrate the sport with this list of awesome golf GIFs that pretty much have all the aforementioned qualities covered.

Well, except for classy and sophisticated. There’ll be none of that. It’s no fun.


29. Golf cart 360

golf cart stunt

This little maneuver will get you kicked out of the country club for sure.

28. Golf cart 360 gone wrong

golf cart crash

I think this guy was trying to replicate the previous stunt. Obviously, he failed.

27. Sir Charles's smooth swing

charles barkley golf swing

Hopefully now that Charles Barkley is losing all that weight with Weight Watchers he’ll be able to iron out the kinks in his golf swing.

26. Hat kick

angry golfer

I’ve seen guys throw their hats and even bite their hats, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy drop-kick his hat.

25. Golf course Jackass

jackass golf cart stunt

This is what happens when Johnny Knoxville hits the links.

24. The Bushwood Shimmy

judge emails gif

Judge Smails (from Caddyshack) shows us how they line up a shot at old Bushwood.

23. GC gets some air

golf cart stunt driving

The golf carts I get are never this fast.

22. Bubba snub

bubba watson masters hand shake

You’d expect a guy named Bubba to be part of at least a few socially awkward incidents in the fancified world of pro golf, wouldn’t you?

21. Ian Poulter from the rough

golf fail

Dude, next time just take a drop.

20. Driving/Shooting Range

skeet golf

Driving range, shooting range—same difference.

19. High Five Fail

golf celebration fail

He can hit a tiny ball into a tiny hole from 20 yards out, but when it comes to high fiving his caddy he’s a klutz. Go figure.

18. Impressive Tee Shot

tee shot fail

If you’ve ever wondered why golfers where cleats, here’s your answer.

17. Golf cart off-roading

golf cart crash

The lesson: golf carts do not make suitable replacements for ATVs.

16. Anger management

angry golfer

It’s perfectly acceptable to vent your frustrations after embarrassing yourself on the golf course. But you have to know when to quit. This guy did not.

15. Suped-up golf cart mishap

suped-up golf cart crashes

Golf carts are not meant to go that fast, but if you’re going to give one a little turbo boost, at least have the sense not to try it out on pavement.

14. Mountaintop Golf Fail

guy tries to hit golf ball on top of mountain

Yes, it would have been pretty cool.

13. Tiger Woods takes out drunk girl

tiger woods drunk girl gif

Admit it: this is not what you expected based on the title of this slide?

12. Golf cart backflip

golf cart flips over

Note to self: don’t drive a golf cart in reverse while two fat guys jump on the back.

11. GC planking

golf cart planking fail

Remember planking? It’s what every jackass was doing before they were Tebowing. Well, there were a lot of injuries that resulted from the internet phenomenon. And this was one of them.

10. Canine golfer

dog playing golf gif

After you watch this one for a few seconds, all you’ll see is this cute little dog’s wang staring right at you. It’s pretty disturbing.

9. Water Hazard

kid golfer falls in water

If he’s going in the drink, he’s taking his stupid golf clubs with him.

8. Toddler golf ball headshot

man hits kid with golf ball

Now that’s some good parenting.

7. Runaway golf cart

golf cart crash

I don’t even know what the hell is going on here. I just know its hilarious.

6. Runaway golf cart 2

golf cart crashes into people at football game

It’s not a golf course, but it is a golf cart, so I had to include this classic.

5. Slow-motion impact

golf ball in slow motion jelly

I imagine this is what a golf ball looks like in slow motion when hit by “The Hammer.” (Remember that awesome informercial?)

4. Golf juggling

golf trick shot

I do this all the time, only I usually use at least 2 or 3 balls. But if you like to keep things easy, I guess you could just use 1 like this guy.

3. Bottle Opener

golfer opens bottle with golf swing

I like how the guy opens a bottle of cheep Canadian lager, presumably because he didn’t want to waste a good beer in the event that he missed.

2. Golf cart rollover

golf cart rollover

This is what happens when idiots watch The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift before hitting the golf course. Miraculously, no one was hurt…supposedly.

1. Kill Shot

golfer hits seagull

Not exactly the “birdie” this golfer was hoping for.