Two Classy Dads Set Great Example By Brawling, Getting Arrested At Little League Game (Video)

little league dads brawlLooking for a good joke? How about this one:

What’s the difference between a baseball dad and a pit bull? (Answer: not much.)

This joke is brought to you by Sarah Palin, and two upstanding gentlemen from Columbus, Georgia, named Charles Davidon and Iram King. These two fellas recently got into an argument at a Little League All-Star game, and they settled it the only way they knew how: by getting into an all-out, no-holds-barred brawl that halted the game and led to their arrest.

Apparently it all started because Davidson, 38, was playing his music at a volume deemed uncouth by King, 36, and his wife, Rose. When the latter parties expressed their displeasure to the former, he did turn it down, but not, according to the police report, without exchanging some words about the players on the field (which we can only take to mean that Davidson insulted King’s son).

At that point, King walked over to Davidson and told him he was there “to f**k him up,” to which Davidson replied, “Well, here I am.” And presto! A good old-fashioned little league parents brawl ensued.

Check out the video:

I don’t know about you, but my favorite parts are when the people around the two jackasses admonish them with phrases like, “set an example guys,” and “show some class.”

In any case, Charlie and Iram are set to appear in court on August 16, and I expect that will be one of the most awesome/hilarious hearings ever.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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