Royals Fans Boo Yankees’ Robinson Cano During Home Run Derby (Video)

Robinson Cano at 2012 home run derbyIn case you were wondering, Kansas City Royals fans hate the Yankees. Actually, hate probably isn’t a strong enough word. Let’s try loath. Or maybe abhor.

Anyway, you get the idea. And, after last night’s Home Run Derby at Kauffman Stadium in KC, so does Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, who was hands-down the most reviled man in the stadium.

When he was introduced on the PA for his at-bat in the first round of the Derby, the fans booed mercilessly. Then, every time he made an out, the fans cheered like the Royals just finished a season above .500.

As for the moment fellow Yankees Curtis Granderson and CC Sabathia interrupted the show to go talk to the Cano’s dad, who was pitching to him? Yeah, that got the loudest round of boos of all.

Check it out for yourself:

You have to admire their passion, don’t you? After all, Cano isn’t only a member of the hated Yankees, but he also refused to choose hometown hero Billy Butler on his American League Home Run Derby quad.

You also have to wonder whether they got into the second baseman’s head, since he finished with a whopping zero long balls and exited in the first round.

Of course, I’m sure Yankees fans find this appalling. But then Yankees fans also think Derek Jeter is the greatest shortstop of all time, so it’s kind of hard to take them seriously.

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