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20 Best-Dressed Celebs and Athletes at the 2012 ESPY Awards

by: Esteban On  Friday, July 13, 2012

2012 ESPY awards red carpet best-dressed

On Wednesday night in Los Angeles, the biggest names in sports and Hollywood converged for the 20th annual ESPY Awards. Well okay, maybe not the biggest names in Hollywood—it was more like the Hollywood second- and third-stringers. But hey, there were still a lot of really good-looking people there, and that’s all that matters, right?

Anyway, the ESPY Awards really is a great concept. It has all the stuff we like about the Academy Awards—good looking rich people walking the red carpet—without all the stuff we don’t like. There are no tributes to dead people we’ve never heard of, no actors thanking other actors for being “an inspiration,” and no lame elevator music cutting people off. Of course, the actual awards themselves don’t really matter. The point is just to have fun.

So today, let’s take a look at the most fun aspect of the 2012 ESPYs: the athletes and celebs dressed to impress. Some are well-known for their fashion sense, but others may surprise you. So check ‘em out.

20. Anastasia Ashley

#20 Anastasia Ashley on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

Here’s an idea for a social experiment: take two groups of men, and put them in two separate rooms, asking each to rate this woman’s level of attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10. However, you don’t tell one group who it is, but to the other you explain that its pro surfer Anastasia Ashley.

My hypothesis? The guys who know she is a pro surfer give her higher marks because there is just something about being a pro surfer that makes a woman hotter. (Swimsuits? Possibility of getting eaten by sharks? I don’t know what it is.)

19. Thomas DeCoud

#19 Thomas DeCoud on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud obviously took his fashion inspiration from Pee-wee Herman—a bold choice.

18. Steve Nash

#18 Steve Nash on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

The newest member of the Lakers (and soon-to-be target for Kobe Bryant digs) is looking sharp in this suit with purple accents. Not looking so sharp? Danica Patrick. I was going to crop her out of the picture, but I wanted to show everyone why she didn’t make the list.

17. Ramses Barden

#17 Ramses Barden on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

The New York Giants’ Ramses Barden was rocking the old-timey college boy look. Not pictured: his brand new Super Bowl Ring.

16. John Thomas Hall

#16 John Thomas Hall (Team Walk On Founder) on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

You probably don’t know who this guy is. His name is John Thomas Hall, and he was in a near-fatal accident when he was 16 years old that left him paralyzed from the waste down. But while doctors were telling him he would never walk again, he remained determined to get back on his feet. And he did. Then he made the track team at the University of Louisville and became a successful collegiate pole vaulter.

Today, the guy continues to inspire, running an organization called Team Walk On that’s dedicated to curing paralysis. And, as you can see, he knowns how to select a sharp-looking suit.

15. Trent Richardson

#15 Trent Richardson on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

Richardson was recently drafted third overall in the NFL draft, but since he was at the ESPYs to celebrate his achievements with Alabama, he wore a Crimson Tide tie. Sadly, since Richardson was drafted by Cleveland, he is destined to see his career take a huge nosedive and never live up to his potential. Cause that’s how things go for the Browns.

14. Swizz Beatz

#14 Swizz Beatz on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

I have no idea why hip-hop producer and husband of Alicia Keys was at the ESPYs, but he looked good. I especially like his awesome kicks and that gun holster-inspired wallet and cell phone holder.

13. Jessica Biel


Who cares why Jessica Biel was at the ESPYs. As always, she looked amazing.

12. Chanel Iman


My first thought was that this gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model must be dating an athlete. After all, so many of them do. But it turns out she’s dating some mystery man named Chris Smith who is most definitely not an athlete. So I guess they sent Chanel and invite to the ESPYs just to class things up a bit (which was a wise move).

11. Brian Wilson

#11 Brian Wilson on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

For a guy who looks like homeless dude who lives in a dumpster behind the Just For Men beard-dye factory, Brian Wilson still manages to look pretty cool walking the red carpet.

10. Takeo Spikes

#10 Takeo Spikes on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards 2

With a neck that huge, you can bet Chargers linebacker Takeo Spikes doesn’t buy his shirts off the wrack. Hell, I bet he even has to get his bow ties custom made.

9. Jeremy Lin

#9 Jeremy Lin on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards 2

Lin won the award for Best Breakthrough Athlete on Wednesday night. But if they gave out awards for red carpet fashion he would have won “Athlete Most Resembling a Fashion Designer.” Actually, I’m sure E! probably does give out red carpet fashion awards, but I doubt this is a category.

8. Donald Driver

#8 Donald Driver on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

As you’ve probably noticed, the whole geek-sheek bow tie look is really in right now. But nobody does it better than Donald Driver. What would you expect, anyway? After winning Dancing with the Stars this year the Packers’ Donald Driver is a bona fide crossover celebrity, just as popular with soccer moms as cheesehead dads.

7. Serena Williams

#7 Serena Williams on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

I’m not always a fan of Serena Williams, but even I have to admit the 2012 Wimbledon Champion is looking pretty in pink. (Then again, I’m a sucker for cleavage.)

6. Daniela Hantuchova

#6 Daniela Hantuchova on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

This 29-year-old Slovakian can’t keep up with Serena on the tennis court, but she is definitely a higher seed when it comes to red carpet fashion. Here she’s looking like a damn Greek goddess.

5. Olivia Munn

#5 Olivia Munn on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

When the exotically gorgeous Olivia Munn joined the cast of The Daily Show back in 2010, a number of feminist bloggers criticized the hire on the grounds that it was based on her looks rather than her talent. Of course, after a while it became clear that Munn really was funny, and that the bloggers were probably just jealous. However, I will openly admit that it was not Munn’s talent that landed her the fivespot on this list.

4. Rajon Rondo

#4 Rajon Rondo on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

I’m not going to lie. I want to be Rajon Rondo. Thus dude is cool as hell.

3. Hayden Pannettiere


Pannettiere became a household name after the show Heros became popular for about, oh, six weeks. (Ok, fine, it was on for four years.) Since then she hasn’t been in anything good (unless you like Lifetime original movies), but she still looks amazing. So she’s got that going for her.

2. Matt Kemp

#2 Matt Kemp on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

When healthy, Matt Kemp is probably the best player in baseball. So it’s only fitting that he’s also the best-dressed.

1. Willa Ford

#1 Willa Ford on red carpet at 2012 ESPY Awards

Willa Ford is one of those B-list celebs you have heard of but have no idea why. But it’s really not important why she’s famous, because she dominated the red carpet with that amazing dress. So good going, Willa. Keep up the good work.