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Fan Throws Shoes at Kevin Durant…Because He Wanted Durant to Sign Them (Video)

by: Esteban On  Monday, July 23, 2012

fan throws shoes at kevin durant to signThe 2012 Summer Olympics kick off this Friday with the Opening Ceremonies, but the U.S. Olympics men’s basketball team is still fine-tuning their game. Tomorrow they’ll play an exhibition against Spain, yesterday they played an exhibition against Argentina, and last week they played Brazil in D.C. (in front of President Obama) and Great Britain in Manchester.

Funny thing about that game against Great Britain, though: those Brits don’t get to see NBA superstars very often, and some of them got pretty excited.

In fact, one of them was so excited that when he saw Kevin Durant walking down the player tunnel, he decided that the best way to get Durant’s signature was to throw his shoes at the guy.

Oh, and a sharpie too!

I don’t know what’s crazier—the fact that somebody thought Kevin Durant would actually sign shoes if they threw them at him, or the fact that Kevin Durant is such a nice guy that it looks like he’s actually going to pick them up and sign them…before a security guard takes them away and yells at the idiot fan who threw them.

Check it out:

Anyway, let’s just hope that this serves as an important lesson for Team USA’s players:  Keep your heads up at all times, because you never know which direction the next flying shoe will come from.