Joe Paterno Statue Removed, Penn State Fined $60 Million (Video)

paterno statue removedWell, after nearly two weeks of speculation following the release of the Freeh Report on the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State, official punishments have finally been handed down to the late Joe Paterno and the PSU football program.

On Sunday morning, University President Rodney Erickson made the decision everyone on earth (except Joe Paterno’s delusional family) thought he should make, ordering that the Joe Paterno statue in front of Beaver Stadium be taken down. So workers erected a security fence around the statue early in the morning and covered it with tarps for privacy. Then they covered the 7-foot, 900-pound bronze statue in padding and hauled it away with a forklift.

Check out the video:

Then, on Monday morning, the NCAA finally announced its penalties for the Penn State football program. And while there was no “death penalty,” the sanctions were quite harsh.

How harsh? Try a $60 million fine, a four-year ban on postseason play, the loss of 20 scholarships, and the vacation of every win from 1998 to 2011—which costs the late Paterno 111 victories, bumping him from 1st all the way down to 12th on the list of career coaching wins (Congratulations Bobby Bowden, you’re the new #1!).

Oh, and that $60 million isn’t going into NCAA coffers. Instead, it’ll be donated to charities helping the victims of sexual abuse.

Obviously, none of this makes the victims of Jerry Sandusky feel any better, but then again, what could?

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