This 10-Year-Old Pee Wee Football Player Runs Circles Around the Competition (Video)

rasheed singleton amazing 10-year-old footall playerWhen I was a little kid, I always played a lot of team sports, and me and my teammates all thought we were pretty good.  Of course, this was long before the invention of YouTube.

If YouTube had been around back then, we would have seen all the clips of amazing kid athletes doing ridiculous things, causing us to realize just how much we actually sucked.

What kinds of clips am I talking about? I’m talking about clips of 6-year-old t-ball players making unassisted triple plays; of 8-year-old basketball players with crazy, ankle-breaking killer-crossovers; and of 10-year-old football players running circles around the other team.

And speaking of “10-year-old football players running circles around the other team,” meet little Rasheed Singleton. I have no idea where this kid is from, but judging by this 8-minute highlight reel, I’m guessing a lot of high school coaches are already begging his parents to move into their district.

As you can see in this clip, it doesn’t matter if you throw him the ball, hand him the ball, or kick him the ball, Rasheed is a freakin’ touchdown machine.

Check it out, and remember that name:

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