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29 Amazing Workout GIFs

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, November 18, 2014
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workout gifs

UPDATE: Workout GIFs continue to be produced at an alarming rate, with many analysts worried that our economy will be unable to keep up. But we can do the best we can, in part by adding a few extra workout GIFs for you to enjoy – these two from TV and the movies, which just go to show that celebrities really are just like us (??).

UPDATE: Working out is kind of a drag, particularly if you’re already in a sedentary position in front of your computer. But maybe you’re looking for some extra motivation to get up and start exercising. If so, find another page, because these workout GIFs will only solidify any decision you’ve made never to go near a piece of exercise equipment ever again. Now with a couple of added bonus slides.

Nobody works out as much as they should. Or at least, most people don’t. And it’s not just because we’re too lazy to go to the gym. There are tons of unique and innovative home workout products available—like the Shake Weight or the Fitness Ace Power—but those just end up collecting dust.

So what, then, is our excuse? I have no idea. I’m just glad the people you are about to see didn’t have it, because these 29 workout GIFs—some weird, some funny, some embarrassing, and some downright sexy— are extremely awesome. They won’t inspire you to work out more. In fact, they’ll probably deter you from doing so. But they will put a smile on your face. So enjoy!

Bonus: Michelle Tanner

You probably don’t need me to tell you who that is in the above GIF, at least not if you were born before the 21st century began. But I’ll tell you anyway: It’s Michelle Tanner, staying fit and, uh, counting.

Bonus: Brad Pitt

I can’t remember what Brad Pitt’s character’s name is in Burn After Reading, but as I gaze at the hypnotic recurring image of his awkwardly dancing in workout clothes above, I realize an essential truth: Names don’t matter. Nothing matters.

Bonus: Ouch


Working out with a partner is a good idea, especially if staying motivated is an issue for you. But you should always make sure your weights are securely assembled, if you like the way your face is currently arranged.


Bonus: Ball Mishap


Exercise balls look and feel like harmless items because of their spherical shape and soft, bouncy exterior, but as the above GIF demonstrates they are actually potentially dangerous. Approach with caution.

29. Summersault weight lifting

weight lifting gif

I’m not trying to brag, but I can totally do this. In fact, I’m pretty sure I invented it.

28. No stretch for you

weird guy doing aerobics

Is that the soup Nazi? He has an interesting fitness regimen.

27. Pelvic thrusting

sexy workout routine

Maybe this is one of those strippercise classes or something.

26. Dog pilates

dog exercising

Someone should tell this guy that, when they say “keep your dog fit,” they mean just take him for lots of walks. Not “teach him pilates.”

25. The Ab Chair

stupid ab chair workoug

Grandma loves the ab chair. Who doesn’t?

24. Blown away

guys watching girls work out

I take it this is from The Girls Next Door workout video. I’m going to have to check that out at some point.

23. ThighMaster

thighmaster gif

Who would have thought an exercise machine that only works one muscle group could be so commercially successful?

22. The BustMaster?

sexy workout gadget

Was this a followup product from the folks who brought us the ThighMaster?

21. Fitness Ace Power!

If you were a big fan of the Shake Weight, you’re going to love the Fitness Ace Power.

20. American Psycho workout

american psycho workout scene

Creepiest. Workout. Ever. (PS, if you haven’t seen American Psycho, you may not find this one amusing. But it’s a great film. In fact, I give it my 100% satisfaction guarantee.)

19. Just stretching

Always gotta make sure you stretch. Don’t want to pull a hammy.

18. Happy striped pants guy

weird aerobic routine gif

Let me put aside the hilarious cheerleader-inspired aerobics routine for a moment and just say that this may be the most ridiculous outfit I’ve ever seen a grown man wear.

17. Purple aerobics dudes

weird aerobics guys gif

For full effect, you need to imagine these guys are dancing to Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”

16. Disco aerobics?

stupid aerobics routine

Man, that guy has some smooth moves.

15. Varsity aerobics team

funny weird aerobics team

In case you’re wondering, this and the previous three GIFs come from the Aerobics Championships competitions. Seriously, that actually existed.

14. Sexy sit-ups

sexy sit-ups

I bet you’ve never wanted to be a punching bag so much before in your life.

13. Barbie workout

barbie workout gif

Everyone knows childhood obesity is a major problem these days. But if they just go outside and play, media conglomerates will lose all those advertising dollars. Hence: Barbie aerobics. Nice.

12. Challenging workout

stupid workout gif

Wow, she’s really pushing it here. Better take it easy.

11. Jim Carrey

jim carrey exercising

In Living Color launched the careers of Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, and Jennifer Lopez (who was one of the Fly Girls). Oh, and the Wayans brothers. But I wouldn’t brag about that.

10. Piggyback sit-up fail

piggyback sit-up fail

Look on the bright side: you’ve just invented a new pro wrestling finishing move.

9. How to use an exercise ball

sexy workout gif

If this isn’t what you look like when using an exercise ball, you’re doing it wrong.

8. The doorway jiggle

old pervert exercise

It takes lots of practice and hard work to be an old pervy dude. It doesn’t just happen overnight.

7. Elliptical workout

sexy workout gif

It takes a lot of hard work to get an amazing backside. It doesn’t just happen overnight.

6. Thinking man's workout

workout pull-up fail

I don’t think this kid made the honor roll.

5. Snookercise

snooki exercising gif

Why hasn’t Snooki released a workout video yet? That would be incredible.

4. Puggercise

dog exercising gif

The funny thing is, at first I thought this was another GIF of Snooki working out.

3. If he can do it...

walrus sit-up

Now I feel really lazy.

2. Drunk chicks + treadmills

drunk chick falls on treadmill

When you’re drunk, running on a treadmill in UGGs seems like a great idea.

1. Now that's fitness

sexy workout gif

Is this how you’re supposed to use this machine? If so, who’s the genius who invented it?