You’re Going To Be Outraged That This Woman Is Not Competing In The 2012 Summer Olympics (Video)

close-up shot of snezana rodic's backsideYesterday we told you about your new favorite Olympian from the 2012 Games, Bulgaria’s Ivet Lalova. Be sure not to miss her competing in the women’s 100m and 200m sprints!

Today, however, we’re going to tell you about your new favorite track athlete not at the Olympics this year. It’s a Slovenian triple jumper by the name of Snežana Rodić.

Apparently Ms. Rodić isn’t a good enough triple jumper to make the Slovenian track and field team, so you won’t be seeing her at the London Games this year. However, chances are you will be seeing a lot of her on the internet in the coming weeks, months, and even years, because she’s got an incredible body and makes excellent wardrobe choices…and also, because some super pervy camera man zoomed in real close on her backside at a recent track event and posted the video on YouTube.

Check this out:

Impressive, right? But don’t thank me. Thank the shameless guy who took this video.

Oh, and just for good measure, here’s a better look at Rodić:

21st European Athletics Championships - Day One

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