Here’s McKayla Maroney’s Jaw-Dropping Perfect Vault That Somehow Didn’t Receive A Perfect Score (GIF)

What you see above is what most are calling a “perfect vault” from 16-year-old U.S. female gymnast McKayla Maroney.  It occurred during the women’s gymnastics team competition yesterday, and it was a significant moment for the American Team during their gold medal performance.

Oddly enough, the only ones who didn’t seem to believe that this was a perfect vault were the judges, who awarded her a score of 16.233 after deducting points for something that apparently none of us are capable of seeing (max score for that vault is 16.500).

Anyways, despite the slight deduction, Maroney’s incredible performance on the vault was still enough to help the United States earn their first gold medal in the women’s gymnastics team competition since the “Magnificent Seven” won it in Atlanta during the 1996 Summer Games.

And according to this screencap from NBC’s broadcast of the event, it was also enough to drop the jaw of one of the competition’s judges.

mckayla maroney perfect vault jaw drop judge

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