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20 Gymnastics Fail GIFs

by: Esteban On  Friday, October 24, 2014

gymnastics fail gifs

I think the problem is obvious. Judges just haven’t seen enough bad gymnastics to the know the really good stuff when they see it. So I decided to help them out by doing a list of 20 awesome gymnastics fail GIFs. The gymnastics judges can study these before they hand out any more medals so they don’t blow any more calls like they did with McKayla Maroney.

Also, I figured readers at large (that’s you) would probably find these amusing, too. So have a look.

20. Nice recovery

gymnastics fail

You would have to think that, while they’d deduct a few points for the screwup, they’d also give him a few back for making such an awesome recovery. Then again, the other day it took the Olympic judges like 30 minutes to determine whether a male Japanese gymnast actually did a handstand or not. (In the end they decided that, yep, he did. So they changed his score, which bumped Great Britain from silver to bronze and denied the Ukraine a medal altogether.)

19. Balance problem

funny gymnastics fail

There’s a reason this girl is not on the actual gymnastics team.

18. Pile-up

gymnastics fail pile-up

Nice going, Phil. You ruined it for everybody.

17. Floor routine fail


I think this girl had the same problem as the last guy.

16. Playground gymnastics

gymnastics fail

There’s a reason why they always have padded mats around while gymnasts do their routines. And this is it.

15. Vault fail

gymnastics fail

Got a little too much air on that spring board I guess. It probably didn’t hurt, though. Just embarrassing.

14. Trampoline fail

gymnastics fail

Trampoline is a separate event in the Olympics, but it’s in the same family of sports as gymnastics. So I included this one.

13. Bad dismount

gymnastics fail

This guy was probably like, “dude, I totally meant to do that.”

12. Head spring

gymnastics fail

You’ve heard of hand springs? Well this is the far more rare head spring.

11. Gold Medalist fail

gymnastics fail

This is why 2008 all-around gold medalist Nastia Liukin was not on this year’s team. (Obviously, she’s lost the magic touch.)

10. Balance beam dance

gymnastics fail

This is what I would look like if I hopped on the balance beam—the only difference being that I would fall off much sooner.

9. Close call

close call near miss

This isn’t really a gymnastics fail at all. In fact, this girl is actually kind of impressive. It is, however, a parenting/child supervision fail, because what the hell is this kid doing walking out in front of her like that?

8. Flip out

gymnastics fail

Those guys really build up some speed on the horizontal bar. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

7. Synchronized fail

gymnastics fail

Now THAT’S teamwork.

6. The neckbreaker

gymnastics fail

Are kid fails a lot funnier than adult fails, or is it just me?

5. Hits the wall

gymnast crashes into wall

There’s like 50 yards of mat, but this girl managed to run out of room and hit the wall. You gotta love it.

4. Practice fail

gymnastics fail

Yeah, you really gotta hit the sweet spot on those springboards to make sure you get enough air.

3. Balance beam bellyflop

gymnastics fail

Epic fail, or radical new dismount?

2. Missed the target

gymnastics fail

While this must have been embarrassing, this could have been a lot worse. If you’re going to screw up on the vault, it’s best if you miss the target.

1. Hit the target

gymnastics fail

See? At least the kid in the last one didn’t do this. That probably would have turned him off to the whole sport.