Brazilian Volleyball Player Fabiana Oliveira Gives Us The Highlight Of The Olympics So Far (Video)

incredible volleyball play at the olympicsOn Thursday, Hungarian water polo player Marton Szivos had the play of the Olympics, scoring a gorgeous backhanded goal after passing the ball to himself with his foot.

But if you thought that play couldn’t be topped, you were wrong. As it turns out, one day earlier, there was an even more incredible play in women’s volleyball. And it also involved the surprising use of a foot.

The player? That would be 32-year-old Fabiana Oliveira of Brazil. She plays a position called the libero, meaning she is not allowed to block or play the ball above the net on offence. Instead, she only plays defense, and to help the referee keep track of her, she wears a different colored jersey.

On Wednesday against South Korea, Oliveira not only tracked down a ball that ricocheted about 20 feet behind her team’s baseline, but she somehow kept the play alive with a bicycle-style kick. Then, her team rallied to win the point.

It was unbelievable, to say the least. Check it out:

Even when they’re playing volleyball, those Brazilians are still finding ways to show off their soccer skills.

Unfortunately, while the heavily favored Brazilians won that point, they went on to lose the match. It was a huge upset, and now they face a humiliating first-round elimination. But hey, at least this save will go down as one of the most memorable plays of the 2012 Olympic Games.

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