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40 Funny Names from the 2012 Summer Olympics

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, August 7, 2012

funny names olympics 2012

The 2012 Summer Olympics feature 10,500 athletes from 204 nations competing in 302 events in 26 sports. With that kind of diversity, you’re bound to come across some really interesting characters. But today we’re not looking at Olympic athletes with fascinating personal lives, hobbies, or appearances. We’ve done that already. Today we’re looking at Olympians with hilarious names. And really, with all the languages and cultures involved in the Summer Games, finding such people is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Now, some people might say that making fun of people’s names is a shallow and vain ethnocentric exercise. And to that I have two replies: first, I don’t think we’re making fun of these people. They’re amazing athletes regardless of their names; we’re just pointing out the obvious. Second, lighten up. I certainly hope our friends over in Asia and Africa make fun of the Western names that sound funny to them, because everybody needs a good laugh now and then. (Who knows, maybe something innocuous like “Bill Jones” sounds like “donkey poop” in Ethiopian.) And besides, there are some funny Western names on the list too; we’re not trying to discriminate.

Point is: this is all in good fun. So sit back, enjoy these Olympic names, and be glad they don’t belong to you. (Unless they do. In which case, I’m sorry.)

40. Fanny Babou

#40 Fanny Babou funny olympic names

Believe it or not, this is not the only Fanny at the 2012 Summer Olympics. But she’s the only one named Fanny Babou, which just sounds hilarious.

Thanks, France, for being so awesome.

39. Bin Dong

#40 Fanny Babou funny olympic names

I don’t think name really sounds like anything. It’s just fun to say over and over: Bin Dong. Biiiiin Donnnnng. Bin Dooooong. Bingdong.

38. German Sanchez Sanchez

#38 German Sanchez Sanchez funny olympic names

You see, the convention among Spanish-speaking cultures is for children to take both last names from their parents. But when the parents themselves have the same last name, the results are hilarious. And then, when you name your kid German, well the hilarity just increases ten fold.

37. Macarena Aguilar Diaz

#37 Macarena Aguilar Diaz funny olympic names

I bet this poor woman really wasn’t too thrilled with Los del Rio when their hit dance song became an international phenomenon. However, it does give fans a great way to cheer for her.

36. Kelsey Titmarsh

#36 Kelsey Titmarsh

No explanation needed here. I’ll just say that Kelsey probably had a few tough days in middle school.

35. Khalil Mahmoud K Abir Abdelrahman

#35 Khalil Mahmoud K Abir Abdelrahman

Yeah, that’s a mouthful.

34. Chris Adcock

#34 Chris Adcock funny olympic names

With a name like this, Chris was born to swat the shuttlecock.

33. Jangy Addy

#33 Jangy Addy funny olympic names

Nothing dirty about this one. I just like the name Jangy.

32. Saeid Mohammadpourkarkaragh

saeid mohammadpourkarkaragh funny olympic names

Khalil Mahmoud K Abir Abdelrahman may have Saeid Mohammadpourkarkaragh beat for longest name by three letters (29-26), but Saeid has the longest single name in the Olympics.

31. Aleksandar Aleksandrov

#31 Aleksadar Aleksandrov funny olympic names

This is the Balkan equivalent of William Williams or James James. But you want to know the really awesome thing? Well, click next…

30. Aleksandar Aleksandrov

#30 Aleksandar Aleksandrov funny olympic names 2

That’s right. There are two Aleksandar Aleksandrovs from two different countries at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

29. Nair Almeida

#29 Nair Almeida funny olympic names

Nair for short shorts! (Who wouldn’t want to be named after a women’s hair-removal product?)

28. Lady Andrade

#28 Lady Andrade funny olympic names

This is why you don’t give your kids pretty-sounding foreign words for names.

27. Mark Anthony

#27 Mark Anthony

International recording artist, ex-husband of J-Lo, and an Olympic judoka. Mark Anthony is a jack of all trades.

26. Koko Archibong

#26 Koko Archibong

If his name was something like Francis Archibong it would not be quite as funny as Koko Archibong.

25. Emily Batty

#25 Emily Batty funny olympic names

Emily Batty isn’t just an athlete with a silly name. She’s also one of the hottest female cyclists in the world.

24. Jenifer Benitez Benitez

#24 Jenifer Benitez Benitez

Here’s another great case of a Spaniard whose parents had the same last name. It must sound like the sports announcers have a stutter when they talk about her.

23. Andrew Adibo Dick

#23 Andrew Adibo Dick funny olympic names

Just being named Andy Dick is pretty awesome. But throwing the “Adibo” in there really is a nice touch. (You’ve got to say it fast…Andy Adibodick.

22. Hanna Titimets

#22 Hanna Titimets funny olympic names

I’m assuming this name doesn’t have the same connotation in the Ukraine that it would in English speaking parts of the world.

21. Chris Brown

#21 Chris Brown funny olympic names

Yeah, that’s unfortunate.

20. Bolade Apithy

#20 bolade apithy

It’s a good thing this guy isn’t a politician, because with that name his opponents would have a field day with the attack ads.

19. Fumiyuki Beppu

#19 Fumiyuki Beppu funny olympic names

No sexual connotations here. Just plain funny to say quickly like it’s all one word…fu-mi-yuki-beppu…fumiyukibeppu.

18. Endurance Abinuwa

#18 Endurance Abinuwa funny olympic names

With a name like Endurance, this woman had no choice but to be a runner.

17. Ali Hasan Mahboob

#17 Ali Hanson Mahboob

Hey! Get your hands off Mahboob!

16. Yoo Suk Kim

#16 Yoo Suk Him funny olympic names

If you don’t get this one, I’m certainly not going to be the one to defile your innocence.

15. Vagelis Himonas

#15 Vagelis Himonas funny olympic names

Maybe it’s just me, but this one sounds…dirty.

14. Donggeun Yu

#14 Donggeun Yu funny olympic names

“Hey, remember that time I tried to impress my friends by telling them I was Donggeun Yu?”

13. Friederike Belcher

#13 Friederike Belcher funny olympic names

Not a very ladylike name.

12. Matthew Belcher

#12 Matthew Belcher funny olympic names

Another Belcher? And at least the last one was German, so she didn’t have to get teased like I’m sure this guy did.

11. Karen Cockburn

#11 Karen Cockburn

Yeow. That’s an adult film star name if ever I heard one. (Not that I know anything about adult films.)

10. Liam Tancock

#10 Liam Tancock funny olympic names

Someone get this guy some SPF 70.

9. Yoshie Takeshita

#9 Yoshi Takeshita funny olympic names

Get it? It’s like a Japanese person describing what Yoshie is doing in broken English.

8 Momotaro Mastushita

#8 Momotaro Mastushita

This guy aint no amateur. He’s a Mastushita.

7. Julio Alsogaray

#7 Julio Alsogaray funny olympic names

This is Julio…but also Gary.

6. Jack Butland

#6 Jack Butland funny olympic names

I don’t care if you can trace your family back for 10 generations, if your surname is Butland, you’ve gotta change your name.

5. Brent Newdick

#5 Brent Newdick

Not to be confused with Brent Olddick.

4. Sven Knipphals

#4 Sven Knipphals

Wait, how many nipples? Seven?

3. Destinee Hooker

#3 Destinee Hooker funny olympic names

Destinee is already kind of a stripper name as it is, but with a last name like Hooker…just…wow.

2. Dong Dong

#2 Dong Dong funny olympic names

Clearly I don’t fully understand the intricacies of Chinese naming conventions. I wonder if he has a brother named Ding Dong?

1. Victoria Poon

#1 Victoria Poon funny olympic names

This poor woman, whose Chinese name is actually Cheuk Yuen Poon, may have been born in Hong Kong, but she grew up in Montreal from the age of 11. Luckily, that’s a very cosmopolitan city and the kids are used to “different” sounding names, otherwise her childhood would probably have been unbearable.