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25 Best GIFs From The 2012 Summer Olympics

by: Esteban On  Thursday, August 16, 2012

best gifs 2012 summer olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics may be gone forever, but their greatest (and worst…not to mention their most hilarious) moments will live on forever.

In what form will these moments live on forever? Well, it won’t be in video, that’s for sure. The IOC has already begun scouring the world wide web, looking for illicitly uploaded videos so they can demand that they be taken down. Because, you know, the Olympics are for everybody…as long as everybody pays the IOC’s corporate sponsors.

Of course, our Olympic memories will live on forever in words. Lot’s of different outlets, including TotalProSports, have offered of extensive summaries of the London Games. But memories are not the moments themselves. They’re facsimiles.

No, the moments themselves are going to live on in animated GIF form. They capture the moments just the way they happened, and once they get out there on the web, they are there forever. So today we bring you the 25 best Olympic GIFs we encountered over the last several weeks. They’re funny, incredible, hilarious, embarrassing, and weird—which is to say, generally pretty awesome.

Have a look.

25. No Country, No Cry

dancing athletes at olympics opening ceremonies

Four athletes competed at the 2012 Summer Games under the Olympic—three from the Netherlands Antilles, which had it’s Olympic Committee dissolved by the IOC, and one from the new country of South Sudan, which just doesn’t have an Olympic Committee. However, despite being country-less at a sporting even that’s all about representing your country, these people had a good time, and they were the most entertaining group to walk in during the Opening Ceremonies.

24. Raisman 'Rents 1

aly raisman's parents react watching daughter perform

If Aly Raisman hadn’t been so money during these Olympics, her parents would have stolen the show with all the tortured faces they made during their daughter’s performances.

23. Raisman 'Rents 2

aly raisman parents funny reaction

Here it kind of looks like Aly’s dad got stung by a bee on his you-know-what…which is hilarious.

22. Raisman 'Rents 3: The Reckoning

jerk tells lay raisman's parents to sit down

And the greatest moment featuring Aly Raisman’s parents: when some surly douche tells them to sit down and shut up while they celebrate their daughter’s gold medal floor exercise routine.

21. When Badminton Isn't Boring

awesome olympic badminton shot

Badminton made my list of dumbest olympic sports, but even there I said it wasn’t always boring. Just mostly. If all the plays were like this one, I’d definitely be more willing to watch it.

20. Hope Dives

hope solo amazing save olympics

If this shot were a little wider it would have been a goal. But it wasn’t, and Hope Solo made a brilliant save to maintain the U.S. lead in the gold medal game.

19. Holding Hands

michael phelps holding hands with teammates on olympic podium for last medal

Nathan Adrian, when Michael Phelps says “bro, let’s hold hand,” you hold hands.

18. Infinite Trampoline

infinite trampoline gif

This is just mesmerizing, isn’t it?

17. Handball Wizardry

amazing olympic-handball-penalty-shot

Handball is mysterious to sports fans in North America, but as you can see here it’s not without its merits.

16. More Handball Awesomeness

great olympic handball goal

See? What did I just say? Handball definitely does not suck.

15. Ping P—Er, I Mean Table Tennis

olympic table tennis gif

More Olympic hypnosis, courtesy of these fine table tennis players. (Who doesn’t love a good table tennis GIF?)

14. Race Walking Will Mess You Up

Olympics race walking hilarious

Who know something as ridiculous as race walking could be so gruelling?

13. Silly But Impressive Nonetheless

rhythmic gymnastics 2012 olympics

This is a pretty cool trick. I’m still not going to watch rhythmic gymnastics, but these people certainly are talented.

12. The Longest Second

2012 olympics fencing controversy gif

This was perhaps the greatest single travesty perpetrated during the 2012 Summer Olympics. South Korean épée fencer and gold medal favorite Shin A-Lam was up a point with just one second on the clock. So she had the match locked up. But when play resumed, the clock didn’t start, her opponent scored a touch that shouldn’t have counted, and Shin lost the match. Then she had to sit there on the mat for an hour while the incompetent officials reviewed the play, only to let the original ruling stand. I think this will go down as one of the greatest blown calls in sports history.

11. Usain Greeting, Part 1

usain bolt gives fist bomb to olympics worker

Hey, that’s pretty cool—Usain gave a friendly little fist bump to that kid working the event. I bet that made his day…

10. Usain Greeting, Part 2

usain bolt 2012 olympics fist bump

Yep, it made his day all right. And from the looks of it, his week, month, and year, too. Such is the charisma of the world’s fastest man.

9. Usain the Joker

fakes out olympics official doesn't hand over relay baton

Oh, that Usain! What a funny guy.

8. Gold Medal Nutshot

nut shot 2012 olympics basketball

With France down late in their quarterfinal game against Spain, they needed to foul to have any chance of making a comeback. But they didn’t need to do this.

The guy doing the ball-punching is Nic Batum of the Portland Trail Blazers. The guy getting his balls punched is Juan Carlos Navarro, who plays in the Euroleage and will probably never have kids, thanks to this low blow.

7. The Kick Save

2012 olympics brazil volleyball team kick save

Brazilian volleyball player Fabiana Oliveira gave us one of the best and most GIF-able highlights of the Games during a match against South Korea. So it’s no wonder Brazil went on to upset the Americans in the gold medal game.

6. Delpopolo Pins

2012 olympics delpopolo awesome gif

American judoka Nick Delpopolo may not have medaled at the 2012 Summer Games, but he did give us this sweet GIF…

5. Delpopolo Taunts

delpopolo 2012 olympic taunt

…and after that crazy maneuver we just saw, Delpopolo also gave us this gold medal taunt.

Maybe he was trying out for the WWE?

4. The Jaw-Dropping Vault

jaw-dropping perfect vault 2012 summer olympics

McKayla Maroney isn’t just an awesome sports meme and Dougie instructor. She’s also fantastic on the vault, as evidenced by this all-time great jaw-dropping performance.

3. The Dropped Jaw

maroney jaw-dropping perfect vault 2012 olympics gymnastics

I wasn’t just being hyperbolical when I said Maroney’s vault was jaw-dropping. It literally made one of the judges’ jaw drop.

2. Jumping the Gun

michael phelps mom thinks he won then see he got second

When your son is the most decorated Olympian of all time, you tend to assume he won every time there’s a close finish. So this reaction from Michael Pheps’s mom, Debbie, is understandable…but still hilarious. You can see the woman on her left mouth the word “second,” and Debbie’s face just goes blank.

1. The Backflop

2012 olympics dive fail back flop

Poor Stephan Feck. Unless he wins like 5 gold medals next time around (which I don’t think is possible for a diver), this is how he’ll always be remembered.