The Mariners’ Farm Team Was Really Excited About Felix Hernandez’s Perfect Game (Video)

jackson generals perfect game celebrationMajor League baseball teams may often find themselves relying heavily on their Minor League affiliates, as injuries, free agency, trades and retirement force them to search the lower leagues for adequate line-up replacements. But how close of a bond do Major and Minor League teams share?  If the Major League team wins the World Series, does the Minor League team celebrate?  And if a pitcher on the Major League team records a perfect game, do the players on the Minor League team jump for joy while watching it on the jumbotron during their bating practice?

In the case of the Seattle Mariners’ organization, the answer to the latter question would be a resounding, “yes.”

For proof, look now further than the Double-A Jackson Generals’ on-field celebration as they watched the Mariners’ Felix Hernandez wrap up his perfect game yesterday afternoon.

Check it out:

Something tells me that Felix and the rest of the Mariners wouldn’t be celebrating in a similar manner if Forrest Snow had recorded a perfect game for the Generals.


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