Panthers Receiver Steve Smith Give Some Young Jets Fans A Lecture On Good Manners (Video)

steve smith lectures young jets fans about bad manners

Pro athletes are frequently subjected to taunts and ridicule from fans, but they don’t all react the same way.

Sometimes, as we have already seen today in the case of Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez, they react by getting in the fans’ faces and shouting invectives right back at them. And while such reactions are unfortunate, they’re also understandable, because there are only so many insults a human being can take before snapping.

Still, it would be preferable for pro athletes to take fan insults in stride and react in a calm, composed fashion. And if you want an example of how to do this, just look to Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith.

Recently at the Panthers’ training camp in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the All Pro receiver was signing autographs for some fans when a couple of young Jets fans starting talking trash and saying he wasn’t as good as Derrell Revis.

Obviously, a guy doesn’t expect to be heckled while taking time out of his day to sign autographs at his own team’s training camp. So it wouldn’t have been shocking if Smith lost his cool and told those kids where they should shove their Sharpies. However, Smith is a classy dude, so rather than flip out, he gave them a lecture in manners.

In the video that follows, it’s difficult to make out all that is said. But at one point you hear him ask how old his hecklers are. Then he calmly explains, “I love my 14-year-old son, but if he was ever talking the way you guys are, he wouldn’t have any teeth.”

Then, at another point, he says, “I’m not saying I don’t like y’all, I’m just saying I don’t like your attitude,” all the while maintaining a calm and respectful tone himself.

Check out the video for yourself:

I have to say, after watching this video, I’m a big Steve Smith fan.

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