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20 Terrible College Football Teams With Hot Cheerleaders

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, August 22, 2012
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bad college football teams with hot cheerleaders

With the start of the 2012-13 college football season just 10 days away, it’s time for everyone to stop arguing about whether the penalties handed out to Penn State were fair or unfair and start focusing on what really matters in college football. And obviously, I’m talking about the cheerleaders.

You see, the great thing about the college game is that, even if a school is terrible, they can still have fantastic-looking cheerleaders who make the games worth watching. So today we’re counting down 20 bad college football teams who, nevertheless, having really hot cheerleaders. Because why should the girls from USC and Oregon get all the glory, right?

Right. So let’s get started, shall we?

20. Tulane

tulane football cheerleader

Tulane went 2-11 overall last year and 1-7 in their conference. And their conference is Conference USA—not exactly a football powerhouse. Still, fans of the Green Wave (seriously, they’re team is called the Green Wave) had something to look forward to when they went to the games.

19. Buffalo

19 university of buffalo bulls football cheerleaders

The Buffalo Bulls — who are not to be confused with the Buffalo Bills, though they are almost as bad—went 2-6 in the Mid-American Conference’s East division last year, and 3-9 overall. The Bulls cheerleaders, however, are pretty cute—definitely above .500.

18. UConn

uconn football cheerleader

UConn: so good at basketball (because Jim Calhoun doesn’t pay much attention to NCAA recruiting rules), but so bad at football. Last year the Huskies went 5-7 overall, which was probably good enough to make the Bowl, or some other such nonsense, but we all know that’s not a good record. Their cheerleaders, on the other hand, are quite talented.

17. Maryland

17 maryland football cheerleader

I’m going to be honest, here: I have no proof that this woman is actually a Maryland cheerleader. That’s what the internets are saying, but we all know the internets can be wrong. I will say, though, that if she’s not a Maryland cheerleader, she certainly should be. After all, those Terrapins fans need something to take their mind off a horrible team that went 2-10 overall and 1-7 in the ACC. The ACC!

16. Kentucky

16 kentucky wildcats football cheerleader

Maybe Kentucky should see if Rick Pitino wants to coach the football team, too, or at least recruit for them. I mean it couldn’t hurt, right?

Actually, to be fair, the Wildcats do play in the most difficult conference in college football, the SEC. Of course, so does Arkansas, and they went 6-2.

15. Vanderbilt

15 vanderbilt football cheerleader

Like Kentucky, Vanderbilt also went 2-6 in the SEC last year. But they went 6-7 overall—which makes them less bad. On top of that, Vandy kids are actually smart, a fact which makes this hot cheerleader seem even hotter, doesn’t it?

14. Arizona

14 arizona wildcats cheerleaders

Arizona is one of the worst teams in the Pac-12. Last year they went 4-8 overall and 2-7 in the conference. However, they still know how to put together a fine cheerleading squad. So go Wildcats!

13. Idaho State

13 idaho vandals football cheerleaders

Coming in at #13 we have one of two Division I-AA teams, the Idaho State Bengals. Of course, they’re problem is obvious right away. As everyone in Cincinnati knows, no team called the Bengals can ever be successful on the football field. So it’s no surprise that went 1-7 in the Big Sky conference and 2-9 overall last season. It is a surprise, however, that their cheerleaders are so cute.

12. Duke

12 duke football cheerleader

Duke is one of three smartie schools on this list. (We’ve already seen Vanderbilt, and there’s one more yet to come.) So you would think that their tough admissions standards would make it hard to field a hot cheerleading squad. Lord knows it makes it hard to field a good football team (they were 3-9 and 1-7 last year). But this lovely co-ed proves our assumptions dead wrong, doesn’t she?

11. Middle Tennessee

11 middle tennessee cheerleader

I was unaware that the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders even existed until I started researching this list. (Obviously, I’m not a big fan of the Sun Belt Conference.) However, I’m very glad to have become acquainted with them, because they’re cheerleaders are fantastic.

The football team? Not so fantastic. Pretty awful, in fact. They went 1-7 in the Sun Belt Conference last year, and 2-10 overall. However, if you can believe this, there was an even worse team from the same conference that’s still to come on this list.

10. Illinois

10 illinois football cheerleader

Illinois really should stick to basketball. Since their last Big 10 title back in 2001, the Illini have had just three seasons over .500. Last year their overall record of 7-6 wasn’t terrible, but their 2-6 record in the conference was. At least they have good-looking cheerleaders, though. Indiana went 0-8 and 1-11 last season, and I couldn’t even find pictures of their football cheerleaders. So it really sucks to be a fan of Hoosier football.

9. Northern Colorado

9 northern colorado bears football cheerleaders

Northern Colorado is the other Division I-AA team I mentioned earlier. In fact, they are from the same conference as the Idaho State Bengals, and they are even worse.

How much worse? Well, the Northern Colorado Bears didn’t win a single game last year. Not one. They went 0-11.

At least they’ve got these cute cheerleaders with their bright smiles.

8. Kansas

7 kansas football cheerleader

Remember a couple years ago when Kansas was ranked #1 in the country for about 5 minutes? Yeah, well, those days are long gone, and it’s back to good, old-fashioned crappy Jayhawks football. Last year they went 0-9 in the Big 12 and 2-10 overall. The good news this year, however, is that even if they finish dead last again, it will be at least two spots higher than last years—because two teams left the conference. (Also good news? Kansas girls are still hot.)

7. Northwestern

6 northwestern football cheerleader

At #7 we have the last of the three smartie schools. And really, wouldn’t this cheerleader fit right in at, say, Florida State? Sadly, her cheering didn’t help the Wildcats much last year. They went 3-5 in the Big 10 and 6-7 overall—though that is better than in-state rivals Illinois.

6. Miami University (OH)

8 miami ohio football cheerleaders

Compared to our last entry, the Miami University RedHawks look like LSU. They went 3-5 in the Mid-American Conference, which was one win better than the Buffalo Bulls, and 4-8 overall. Their cheerleaders, on the other hand, are first rate all the way.

5. Air Force

5 air force

You know what? Air Force is actually a solid program. Last year was their 5th straight season finishing above .500. However, they were 2-4 in the Mountain West Conference, which isn’t great. And it’s not like they play in a powerhouse conference. But really, they made this list because their cheerleaders are surprisingly good-looking.

4. Oregon State

4 oregon state football cheerleader

Oregon State can’t really compete with their in-state rivals, Oregon, on the football field. The latter won the Pac-12 North again last season by going 8-1 in the conference and 12-2 overall. However, Oregon State is much closer to Oregon in terms of their cheerleaders.

Oregon is still better, mind you. In fact, the Oregon cheerleaders are better than everybody. But it’s closer.

3. Ole Miss

3 ole miss football cheerleader

Poor Ole Miss. Even in the SEC, 0-8 (2-10 overall) is pretty freakin bad. Luckily they have a lot of southern belles on their cheerleading squad to make up for it.

2. Florida Atlantic

2 florida atlantic football cheerleaders

Remember when I said that there was a team from the Sun Belt Conference that was even worse than Middle Tennessee? Well, the Florida Atlantic Owls are that team. They went 0-8 against their Sun Belt foes last year, and 1-11 overall. However, the school is located in Boca Raton, which is Palm Beach County, Florida. So the cheerleaders? Yep, they’re ridiculously hot.

1. South Florida

south florida football cheerleaders

The Big East is a respectable football conference. Not great, but respectable. Still, 1-6 isn’t anything for the South Florida Bulls to be proud of, even if they did win 4 non-conference games to bring their overall record to 5-7.

Nevertheless, the South Florida Bulls football team has acquired a reputation over the years for having one of the finest cheerleading squads in the country. And this reputation is well-deserved. So keep it up, South Florida.