Ex-Giants DE Michael Strahan Will Be The New Permanent Co-Host On ‘Live! With Kelly’

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Well, the search for a permanent co-host to replace Regis Philbin on the stool next to Kelly Ripa on Live! every day has apparently come to an end. And it turns out the show’s producers made the obvious choice: former All-Pro defensive end Michael Strahan.

You read that right. The New York Giants’ all-time sacks leader will be bringing his gap-toothed grin to televisions all across the continent every morning starting next month.

The show’s movers and shakers were trying to build up suspense in advance of a big announcement on September 4. But TMZ just reported that Michael Strahan’s representatives were recently seen outside the Manhattan building where they shoot the show, and they were “grinning from ear to ear.” And, of course, other un-named sources have confirmed the news.

Fans of Strahan’s work on FOX’s NFL Sunday don’t need to worry, however. Apparently, Strahan is planning to shoot Live! during the week in New York, then fly out to Los Angeles for his Sunday gig during football season.

Now, in case you don’t get a chance to watch Live! with Kelly on a regular basis, this move isn’t exactly out of the blue. Strahan first appeared on the show as a guest co-host while Regis was recovering from heart surgery back in 2010. And since Regis retired last November, Strahan has been one of the regular guest hosts trying out for the permanent gig.

Why, just a few weeks ago, he was filling in as Kelly’s co-host when Channing Tatum stopped by to talk about his film Magic Mike—you know, the movie where Tatum plays a stripper—and this happened:

So, yeah. This might actually be pretty interesting. If nothing else, at least the morning talk show will no longer be a free advertisement for Notre Dame football, like it was with Regis at the helm.

(In case you’re wondering, Strahan went to Texas Southern.)

Hat Tip – [ABC News]

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