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20 Awesome Dancing Sports Fan GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, August 30, 2012

dancing sports fan fans gifs

You know that quote that tells you to “dance like nobody’s watching“? Well, that’s great if your a hot chick having fun on a “girls’ night out,” but it doesn’t apply to sports fans. If you’re at a game, and you’ve had a few cold ones, and suddenly you feel the urge to stand up on your seat and bust a move, think twice. There’s a good chance the other people in your section will not be laughing at you, not with you, and you’ll end up on a list like this with people mocking your moves to pass the time at work.

Actually, on second thought, nevermind. Just give in to the urge and dance your heart out. The rest of us need a good laugh.

Speaking of which…enjoy this list of awesome dancing sports fan GIFs.

20. Dancing Greenies

dancing vancouver canucks green men

Hey, remember the Green Men from the Vancouver Canucks’ 2010 run to the Stanley Cup Finals? They were pretty funny. I wonder why we didn’t see more of them last season. Oh, that’s right—the Canucks got bounced in the first round by the Kings.

19. Dancing of the Bulls

dancing bulls fans

Hey, look, dancing bulls.

Actually, you know what? Forget the guys wearing bull heads and check out that chick on the far right in the cheetah print shirt. She’s going nuts.

18. Buffalo Mating Dance

dancing colorado buffalos fan gif

In this case, the hat makes the dance. Still, with a score like that, I’m surprised he was in the mood for dancing.

17. Giant Shuffle

dancing new york giants fan gif

Who let the Giants fan into the Jets draft party? And what the hell is a draft party?

16. The RG3

RG3-DANCING at baylor basketball game gif

Why yes, that is the #2 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. And no, Robert Griffin III most definitely does not have any moves. I mean seriously, is he downhill skiing?

15. Pia Rocks Out


That USA Women’s Soccer Team coach Pia Sundhage. Apparently she quite enjoyed the musical performances at the Olympics closing ceremonies. (She’s about the only one, too.)

14. Ohio Ladies


Finally, some dancing that isn’t embarrassing. If only all dancing sports fans looked like this lovely women from Ohio. Go Bobcats.

13. Dancin' Rebel

dancing ole miss fan

The University of Mississippi sports teams are called the Rebels—you know, like the Southern states that rebelled against the North rather than get rid of slavery. And until 2010, their on-field mascot was a Confederate caricature called Colonel Reb. So you might think that African American Mississippians would be a little ambivalent about rooting for Ole Miss teams. But not this lady.

12. Razor Backfat Jiggle

fat arkansas fan dancing

I guess most people probably don’t consider towel-waving a dance. But I do, and this guy is amazing. He makes me wish I lived in Arkansas. (So do the Duggars.)

11. Political Maneuverin'


This one is from the 2012 Summer Olympics. The woman in the middle is Samantha Cameron. The man to her right is her husband, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The man to her left is Boris Johnson, the mayor of London. All of them really know how to cut a rug.

10. Arlington Sprinkler

rangers fan does sprinkler dancing gif

I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that this is the greatest spontaneous celebration of a home run catch by a fan in the history of baseball. Note how the usher starts walking over to the guy to escort him off of the restricted area, but he stops to let him perform his dance because he knows it’s amazing. So hats off to you, Texas Rangers fan.

9. San Antonio Shake

dancing spurs fan gif

Everybody was kung fu fighting? Na na na na na na na na na na?

8. The Old Prospector

dancing senators fans gif

I think these gentlemen were overserved by the folks at Ottawa’s Scotiabank Place. Also, let me just take this opportunity to say those Senators jerseys are really dumb-looking. Team nicknames do not belong on official team equipment.

7. The Bayou Bengal

dancing lsu fan gif

Is this an SEC football game, or a Phish concert? Either way, I think this guy is stoned.

6. Jazz Hands

dancing jazz fan gif

This guy is really enjoying himself, and in the end that’s all that really matters.

5. The Jacksonville Jimmy


I love how this guy’s wife is sitting right next to him, but she refuses watch. It’s like if she stares in the opposite direction and doesn’t say a word, it’s not happening. But it is, lady. It is.

4. The Brady

tom brady embarrassing dancing

Hey Tom Brady, are the those the moves that seduced Gisele? If so, she just got a lot less hot.

3. Ukrainian Rain Dance

ukrainian fan rain delay dance euro 2012

There was a crazy rain delay during the match between Ukraine and France at Euro 2012 back in June, which led to some amusing shenanigans. This guy’s Shakira impression was probably the best.

2. Texas Tech Shuffle

dancing texas tech fan gif

Just list a white, red-headed Michael Jackson. Only less good at dancing. (PS, those girls right behind him are really impressed, aren’t they?)

1. Dancing Baylor Fan

dancing baylor fan

This dude has some moves. He’s gotta be the most popular guy on campus, right?