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25 Awesome Football Catch GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, September 6, 2012

awesome football catch gifs

When you were a kid, September was an awful time of year because it meant one thing: going back to school. However, when you get older, September becomes the best month of the year. Why? Because that’s when football starts up again after a miserable six-month hiatus. Oh sure, the CFL starts up in mid June, but—can we be real, here?—it’s not the same. College football and the NFL—that’s where it’s at.

Today, in celebration of the return of football, I present you with this list of awesome GIFs featuring amazing football catches. If this doesn’t get you pumped up for this weekend’s gridiron action, I don’t know what will.

Actually, scratch that. If this doesn’t get you pumped up for this weekend’s gridiron action, maybe try this other list of awesome football tackle GIFs. That might do it.

But I digress. Let’s get started with the awesome catches already…

25. Odell Beckham

acrobatic lsu football BECKHAM-CATCH

This is a pretty nice catch, but I can’t quite tell if it’s as good as it seems at first. I think the guy makes it look better by bending his legs at the knees. But hey, it adds style points.

24. Kevin Norwood

great alabama footcall NORWOOD-CATCH

I promise, we’ll have highlights not from the SEC, too. And they’ll be way better than this. We’re just getting started, so keep going. (However, let me just say that this is one of those catches that is really difficult but made to look easy by a skilled receiver.)

23. Packer TD

awesome green back packers football catch

This is a low-quality GIF, but you can still see that this is a great catch and awesome play.

22. Catch or No Catch

great alabama football catch SMITH-CATCH

I swear I’m not an Alabama fan. It’s just a coincidence that there are two Tide GIFs in the first four.

21. Diving Catch

amazing northern-illinois-martel-moore-catch-9-1-12

If football doesn’t work out, Martel Moore could probably make it as a baseball center fielder.

20. One-handed over-the-shoulder...NBD

amazing marshal football catch

That’s a pretty nice grab in tight coverage.

19. Mean Girl Catch

amanda seyfried mean girls catching football

Not exactly a catch, but it is a solid effort. (PS, Amanda Seyfried is pretty attractive.)

18. Making the QB look good

awesome one handed catch college football

This quarterback owes his receiver a beer, assuming the two are old enough to purchase and consume alcohol. That bullet was about 3 yards too deep, but the receiver pulled it down anyway.

17. Near miss

BENNETT CATCH great low catch avoid tackle

It’s a good thing that threw was deflected where it was, or else this guy would have been knocked into next Tuesday. I wonder if he saw his life flash before his eyes?

16. Hakeem Nicks

giants nicks great backwards one-armed catch

Nicks makes a nice catch here…of course, the Rams secondary makes everybody look good.

15. Air Jordan

amazing one-handed football catch

Not sure who this Georgia Tech receiver is (though I’m sure someone will be kind enough berate me for my ignorance), but he makes one hell of an awesome Air Jordan catch, doesn’t he?

14. The Owusu Claw

amazing touchdown catch stanford ucla football

Talk about having a kung fu grip. Chris Owusu didn’t get drafted last year because of concussion and injury concerns, but it’s clear from this clip that the guy can snag a football better than half the WRs in the NFL. Right now he’s on the Chargers practice squad, but hopefully he’ll get his shot in the NFL someday soon.

13. Bulldog Touchdown

amazing one-handed touchdown catch georgia football

I love how he just corals the ball as he’s falling to the ground like it’s no big deal. Classic TD catch.

12. Not pretty, but effective

amazing univeristy of south florida catch

it doesn’t matter how the ball gets there. All that matters is that it’s in your hands when you hit the ground.

11. Yoink (Part 1)

JURON-CRINER insane touchdown catch yoink

This excellent TD catch by Arizona’s Juron Criner is the first of three reach-around grabs. (Yes, I just said “read-around.”)

10. Yoink (Part 2)

DEZ-BRYANT-YOINK dallas cowboys amazing catch

The Bills Leodis McKelvin thinks he’s got the situation under control. The Cowboys Dez Bryant proves otherwise.

9. Yoink (Part 3)

amazing alabama touchdown catch

Could this be the best reach-around touchdown catch of all time? It’s got to be. How could it get any better than this?

8. The Juggler

RIDICULOUS-CATCH college football

This catch didn’t need to be so exciting, as the ball came right to him. But at least he didn’t give up after bobbling it.

7. Interference? No problem.

amazing football catch gif

Now that’s a catch. It looks like the guy has magnets on his hands.

6. Holy Cromartie

amazing chargers interception

Antonio Cromarti hasn’t been the cornerback the Jets were hoping for when they signed him to a 4-year $32 million deal last August. But this play certainly shows what he’s capable of.

5. Never give up

amazing out of bounds catch cowboys robinson football

I don’t care if the guy does step out of bounds, it’s still one of the most awesome catches you’re going to see.

4. Poor Colts

crazy catch texans colts football game

This play pretty much sums up the Colts’ 2011 season, doesn’t it?

3. Devin Smith

DEVIN-SMITH-CATCH ohio state one-handed catch college football

This is the catch that inspired the list. Ohio State’s Devin Smith made this beauty to score the Buck’s first TD of the 2012 season last Saturday against Miami. Not a bad start to the season, is it?

2. Ridiculous Touchdown

incredible football catch touchdown

I have no idea what game this is, but it looks like high school football. (If anyone knows, I’m all ears.) In any case, if there’s a more ridiculous touchdown GIF out there, I’ve never seen it.

1. Second Chances

amazing michael FLOYD-TD-CATCH

The Cardinals’ Michael Floyd doesn’t make this amazing catch if the Broncos player doesn’t crash into him. To borrow a phrase from Dick Vitale, that’s serendipity, baby.