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Check Out This Epic Fan Brawl From A Ukrainian Soccer Game (Video)

by: Esteban On  Friday, September 7, 2012
Tags:  Crazy Fans   Fan Brawls   Fan Fights   Soccer  

ukrainian soccer brawl


I’ve seen a number of crazy fan brawls at sporting events in my day. In fact, just in the last year alone there have been two big brawls at preseason NFL games (last season in San Francisco, this season in Houston), an all-out kick-fest at the MLB Home Run Derby, and a dustup at a friendly soccer match between El Salvador and Honduras..

However, one thing I’ve never seen is a brawl that entails two belligerent dudes tumbling down the stairs of a stadium…Until now, of course.

The following video is from a Ukrainian Premier League match between FC Chornomorets Odessa and FC Zorya Luhansk. It shows some really pissed off fans battling it out from their seats before taking an epic tumble all the way down the stadium steps—while still going at it.

It’s like a cartoon or something. Check it out:

Now that’s intense. I guess now we’ll have to update our list of most insane fan fights of all time.