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21 Hilarious Referee GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, September 20, 2012
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funny hilarious referee gifs

Referees have tough jobs. They have to be experts on the rulebooks and make difficult, on-the-spot decisions and interpretations. And what do they get for their efforts? Well, if they do a good job, they get no recognition whatsoever. If they do a bad job, however, they become utterly despited and the targets of vitriolic obscenities.Then, as if to add insult to injury, some guy comes a long and does a whole list of hilarious referees GIFs, basically making fun of them and dwelling on their shortcomings.

So, like I said, it’s a tough job. But somebody’s got to do it.

Oh, and yes, I am that guy doing the list of funny referee GIFs. What can I say? It’s too much fun.


21. So athletic!

soccer referee kicking fail

See, how can we not make referees when they do stuff like this? It’s just too ridiculous. Poor bastard.

20. Inescapable doom

sumer ref knocked out by wrestlers

This ref should have known that these sumo wrestlers are faster than they look.

On an unrelated note, how awesome would it be if sumo refs wore black and white striped kimonos?

19. Eye on the ball

soccer referees takes out player

The expression goes, “keep your eye on the ball,” not “keep your eyes on the ball.” The reason? You’re supposed to keep one of your eyes on your surroundings…unlike this guy.

18. Jackass ref attack

flying kick to referees head

I’m pretty sure this is from Jackass, though I don’t know if it’s the TV show or one of the movies. Not that it really matters.

17. Jay Cutler: get's no respect

ref knocks jay cutler's helmet off

Nobody in Chicago has any love for Jay Cutler. Not even the referees, apparently.

16. When players attack

soccer referees attacked

I’m sure the refs must have been doing a poor job, but still, you can’t just have the whole team attack them. That being said, those bright orange shirts are pretty obnoxious.

15. Be aware of your surroundings

soccer ref collides with blackburn player

I’m not sure if anyone is to blame for this one…but let’s go ahead and blame the referee. That’s what they’re there for, right?

14. No brakes!

hockey ref takes out player

Is this guy drunk?

13. Nice shot

soccer fan hits linesman ref with ball

The best part of this one is the reaction of the fans. It’s like their team just scored a last second goal to tie the game.

12. Come back here

michael ballack chasing referee

Former German international Michael Ballack really wants to talk to this guy, but he isn’t having it.

11. Had to hurt

georgia football player runs into ref

A head butt from a 250 pound football player wearing a helmet? I bet this guy didn’t know his own name after this one.

10. Ref Down!

basketball ref hit in head with ball

Seeing this guy get hit in the head would be funny enough, but then he adds the dramatic fall onto the cheerleaders. I guess the ball knocked out his equilibrium.

9. Really into the game

college football ref tackles florida player

The Vanderbilt linebackers started the tackle, but the referee finished the job. So that’s why the SEC is so tough.

8. Mascot Vengence

basketball referee head-butted by cavaliers mascot

I guess this mascot took his anger at LeBron James out on this poor, unsuspecting referee. And man, he really clobbers him—the dude goes down hard.

7. The prancing ref

prancing ballet referee

There’s no way this guy is for real, right? It’s got to be some kind of practical joke—maybe an episode of Candid Camera or Just for Laughs. Either way, this dude is amaaaazing.

6. Nice catch

ref scared by bal 1

This right here says everything that needs to be said about the NFL’s ridiculously embarrassing run with replacement referees. In fact, let’s take one more look…

5. more time

ref scard flinches at ball 2


4. Preemptive Srike?

soccer referee preemtive strike takes out player

Were Donald Rumslfeld and Dick Cheney advising this soccer referee, too? I know this guy is trying to avoid a larger conflict, but is this preemptive strike really necessary?

3. Opps, wrong guy

hockey referee punched in face

A mistake, or a crime of opportunity? Only Cal Cluttebuck knows for sure.

2. Watched a little too much Olympics?

wwe referee summersault

In the WWE, even the referees’ moves are choreographed.

1. Inappropriate

mma ref pats fighters crotches packages

If this happened to me, I would have just turned my back and walked right out of the ring. Knees to the ribs? Fine. Elbows to the face? Whatever. But gentle pats on my junk? No way, absolutely not.