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Watch This LFL Running Back Bitch Slap The Opposing Defender (Video)

by: Esteban On  Friday, September 21, 2012

lingerie football league bitch slap

The other day we showed you one of the hardest bone-crushing hits you’ll ever seen in the Lingerie Football League. It came courtesy of Regina Rage quarterback Nikki Jones, who flattened an opponent in order to get into the end zone.

But it turns out LFL players know more than one way to get past a defender. And last Saturday, when the Toronto Triumph traveled out west to take on the Saskatoon Sirens, we got a glimpse of this LFL ingenuity first hand, as Petshauna “Locomotive” Pinnock used a good old-fashioned bitch slap to get past Siren Heather Furr.

That’s right. The two got tangle up in the open field, and Pinnock gave Furr a backhanded slap across the face to break free.

Check it out:

Yeah, that probably should have been a personal foul, but whatever. It was awesome.

Of course, these lingerie-clad women tend to tackle about as well as pee wee football players. Did you notice how it eventually took like 10 women to bring Pinnock down? Yikes.

Still, full credit to The Locomotive. She definitely earned her nickname with this move.