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The 15 Hottest Pro Lacrosse Cheerleaders

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, September 26, 2012

15 hot lacrosse cheerleaders NLL MLL

If you’re a big sports fan, you probably knew that there was a professional lacrosse league. But did you know that there are two professional lacrosse leagues (the NLL and the MLL)? And that both of them have cheerleaders? Well, they do. And while these cheerleading squads aren’t nearly as hot as the squads you’ll see at an NFL game, or an NBA game, or a college football game, or…well, pretty much any other type of game where there are cheerleaders…they’re still cheerleaders. And who doesn’t love cheerleaders? So today I present you with my take on the 15 hottest pro lacrosse cheerleaders. Have a look—maybe it’ll make you want to check out a lacrosse game some time.

And in case you didn’t get the point…cheerleaders, cheerleaders, cheerleaders.

15. Alyssa I.

13 long island lizards dance team UNKNOWN

As far as I can tell, this lovely woman’s name is Alyssa. I say “as far as I can tell” because the pictures accompanying the profiles for most of these cheerleading squads are very low-resolution, and it’s hard to match up the faces. This is especially true of the Long Island Lizard Girls. But assuming I am correct, then the woman pictured here is from East Meadow, NY, and her favorite TV show is Eastbound & Down…which makes her super cool.

14. Christina (Philadelphia Wings Angels)

14 philadelphia wings angels cheerleader CHRISTINA

Christina here is a dancer for the only team on this list from the National Lacrosse League. The rest of the teams are from Major League Lacrosse. The difference between the leagues? The former is an indoor arena league while the latter is a standard outdoor league.

Anyway, back to Christina. She’s 25 years old and hails from Ewing, NJ. Oh, and she’s a middle school math teacher…so there are some adolescent boys in south Jersey who really, really love math.

13. Unidentified Long Island Lizards Dancer

15 long island lizards dance team JAIME P

Sadly, I could identify this Long Island Lizards Dancer with any degree of certainty. However, it seems unfair to leave her off the list simply because I couldn’t figure out who she is. So let’s just make up an identity for her, shall we? Let’s say her name is Stacey M., that she’s from Garden City, Long Island, that her favorite TV show is Murder She Wrote (because she likes the classics), and that her favorite food is pierogies.

12. Kelly (Boston Cannons Dance Team)

12 boston cannons dance team KELLY

Kelly here is probably the smartest lacrosse cheerleader on this list. Or at least, I assume she is smart, given that she is currently a Ph.D. student in cognitive neuroscience and already has a Masters in Education from Harvard.

Not bad, right? Anyway, working a night job as a cheerleader probably beats slaving away as a teaching assistant, grading a bunch of freshman bio labs.

11. April (Philadelphia Wings Angels)

11 philadelphia wings angels cheerleader APRIL

Meet April, a Philadelphia Wings Angel. She’s 22 years old and calls Ridley, PA, home. Currently she’s a pre-pharmacy student at Delaware County Community College, but one day she hopes to be a Doctor of Pharmacy. I hope she’s book-smart, though, because it appears as though her common sense is just a little bit lacking. You see, on her profile on the Angels website, she is asked “What’s your favorite state,” and this PHILADELPHIA cheerleader said NEW YORK.

Yeah, that’ll win over the fans in Philly for sure. They’re so cool and chill.

10. Eve O. (Chesapeake Bayhawks Hawkettes)

10 chesapeake bayhawks hawkettes cheerleaders EVE O

I hope people actually call this lovely lady “Evo,” because that would be a cool nickname. Anwyay, Eve is from Baltimore, which is just a short half-hour drive away from Annapolis, where the Bayhawks play their home games. Interestingly, on her profile under “College,” Ms. O lists West Virginia University, University of Southern California, and University of Maryland-Baltimore—so either she really misunderstood the question, or this is a girl who can’t quite make up her mind.

9. Stephanie B. & Jade G. (Chesapeake Bayhawks Hawkettes)

9 chesapeake bayhawks hawkettes cheerleaders STEPHANIE B & JADE G

At #9 we have a 2-for-1 special featuring Stephanie B. and Jade G. of the Chesapeake Bayhawks Hawkettes. Jade was a Hawkettes rookie for the 2012 season and is a full-time student at Salisbury University. Stephanie, meanwhile—if that is who this is—is a 3rd year dancer and a medical assistant from Bowie, MD.

8. Amanda R. (Chesapeake Bayhawks Hawkettes)

8 chesapeake bayhawks hawkettes cheerleaders AMANDA R

Amanda R., our third straight Hawkette on this list, is from Columbia, MD, and is a student at Morgan State University and a gymnastics instructor. Her favorite quote is “Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world,” which she attributes to Marilyn Monroe. (That’s nice and all, but I don’t know if you want to take life advice from a woman who overdosed on sleeping pills at the age of 36.)

7. Nicole (Boston Cannons Dance Team)

7 boston cannons dance team NICOLE

Nicole isn’t just any Boston Cannons dancer. She’s the team captain. So I guess that means…what? I have no idea. Anyway, Nicole went to UMASS-Boston and majored in Anthropology and English, which I’m sure are totally useful to her in her job as…a dance teacher.

Actually, her profile also says she’s a graduate student, but it doesn’t say where or what she is studying.

6. Jaime P. (Long Island Lizards Dance Team)

6 long island lizards dance team ALYSSA I

Is this girl’s name really Jaime P? Who knows. That’s just my best guess. As I explained earlier, it’s really hard to match faces based on the Long Island Lizards Dancers’ website. One thing is for certain, however: whoever this girl is, she’s got a good thing going on. Keep it up.

5. Ines (Boston Cannons Dance Team)

5 boston cannons dance team INES

This Portuguese beauty studies early childhood education at Lesley University and works as an “assistant after school teacher”—which means she works at a daycare. Her favorite “band” is N’SYNC, and she says she’s still waiting for them to get back together…which of course aint never going to happen.

4. Brittany (Boston Cannons Dance Team)

4 boston cannons dance team BRITTANY

Brittany here is the Boston Cannons Dance Team captain—a position that is far more interesting than her day job as an accountant. On her profile she says the one world that describes herself is “vivacious” (which, if true, would be a first for an accountant), and she says in the trunk of her car you’ll find camping chairs, boogie boards, and snow boots, because she’s “ready for anything.”

3. Brittany A. (Denver Outlaws Dancers)

3 denver outlaws cheerleaders BRITTANY A

Like April of the Philadelphia Wings Angels, Brittany here should put more thought into the answers she gave for her online profile. Why? Because where it asks what her favorite thing to do in Denver is, she says going to Rockies games. Not Outlaws games, but Rockies games.

Come on, Brittany. Honesty is great, but you don’t work for the Rockies. Sometimes it’s just better to lie.


2. Deanna (Boston Cannons Dance Team)

2 boston cannons dance team DEE

Deanna here studies marketing at Bentley University. She says her favorite vacation destination is Walt Disney World, because she’s “such a kid at heart,” and that the one word that describes her is “bubbly.”

Funny, I would have gone with “hot.”

1. Kim B. (Chesapeake Bayhawks Hawkettes)

1 chesapeake bayhawks hawkettes cheerleaders KIM B

Is Kim B. of the Chesapeake Hawkettes really the hottest cheerleader in pro lacrosse? That’s arguable, I guess. But this particular photo certainly is fantastic. Don’t you agree?

Anyway, Kim is an assistant captain on the Hawkettes. She’s from Pasadena, Maryland, and is a second grade teacher by day…which is kind of sad, because the boys in her class still think girls are icky and can’t even appreciate what they’ve got.