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30 of the Creepiest NFL Fans You’ll Ever See

by: Esteban On  Monday, October 1, 2012
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Now that October is finally here, a lot of people will probably spend the next few weeks planning elaborate costumes to wear on Halloween. But of course, not everyone needs Halloween as an excuse to wear a crazy costume. On any given Sunday from September through January, you’ll see gobs of ghouls and ghosts at every stadium in the NFL, cheering on their favorite team like a bunch of lunatics. Why do they dress up this way? I have no idea. I myself am not really into face paint. But I do know that I enjoy it. So today, in honor of the NFL’s legions of fans who make every Sunday Halloween, I present to you 30 of the creepiest football fans you’ll ever see. Enjoy!

30. One-Horned Bucs Fan

30 tampa bay buccaneers fan creepy nfl fans

Did this Bucs fan even dye his tongue red? Or did he just suck down a Slurpee? Either way, I like his hat.

29. Cardinal Lucha Libre

29 arizona cardinals fan creepy nfl fans

I don’t find lucha libre masks particularly creepy. In fact, I find them pretty awesome. But for some reason, when you add a bird beak to the front they really creep me out.

28. The Demon Pimp

28 baltimore ravens devil pimp fan creepy nfl fans

It’s funny how all you have to do to look like a pimp is where a purple velvet hat. I mean, did pimps ever really wear those things?

27. Funkadelic

27 indianapolis-colts-fan creepy nfl fans

Is that George Clinton? (And yes, I do find George Clinton to be kind of creepy. Especially when he’s wearing cartoon hands.)

26. Frozen Cheesehead

26 frozen packers fan creepy nfl fans

This guy gets the award for “most looks like an actual frozen corpse.” (Yeah, I give out very specific awards in my head.) But while the guy himself is creepy, I have to say I really like his hat.

25. Viking

25 minnesota vikings viking creepy nfl fans

You know what I really find creepy about this Vikings fan? It’s not the purple face. It’s the fact that it looks like he has a Cowboys tattoo on his right bicep.

What the hell, Erik?

24. Dolphins Fanatics

24 miami dolphins fans insane clown posse creepy nfl fans

This is what the Insane Clown Posse would look like if they were Dolphins fans.

23. The Barrel Guy

23 denver broncos fan barrel guy creepy nfl fans

No list of creepy NFL fans would be complete without the Denver Broncos Barrel Guy. Sure, Tim McKernan was beloved and respected for his devotion to his team. After all, he wore this getup to every Broncos game for 30 years. But when you stop and think about it, you realize he was basically just a fat old guy wearing nothing but a barrel and cowboy boots. It’s pretty disturbing. I mean, imagine you ran into him at the library or grocery store. Not cool, right?

22. The Rams Jester

22 st. louis rams fan creepy nfl fans

Now that the Rams aren’t awful anymore, fans won’t have to wear masks to games to hide their identities.

21. The Dawg Pound

cleveland browns the-dawg-pound

Ah yes, the famous Cleveland Browns “Dawg Pound.” If I saw these people as a kid, I would have had nightmares for a month.

20. Indy Babe

20 crazy indianapolis colts fan puppets santa hat creepy nfl fans

Nothing spreads holiday cheer like a fat drunk Colts fan with weird monkey puppets for hands. Merry Christmas, kids!

19. Cajun Clown

19 new orleans saints clown fan creepy nfl fans

I’m not the only person who finds clowns to be creepy, right?

18. Darth Skeletor

18 darth skeletor raiders fan creepy nfl fans

Ah yes, our first Raiders fan on the list. This guy is iconic, isn’t he?

17. Pinhead

17 raiders head pinhead mask creepy nfl fans

Pinhead from Hellraiser is a Raiders fan? Yeah, that sounds about right.

16. Meeeoooow!


That dude on the left looks like one of the characters from Cats. The dude on the right looks like he stole his wig. Together, these two make me never want to go to a Carolina Panthers game.

15. Goo Goo Ga Ga

15 denver broncos baby fan creepy nfl fans

While I certainly appreciate the sentiment–yes, Jay Cutler is a huge baby—this outfit just gives me the willies.

14. Typical Raiders Fan

14 raiders fan creepy nfl fans

The Raiders have the most intimidating fan-base in the NFL. It’s a shame the team sucks so bad year after year.

13. Bills Bunnies

13 buffalo bills fans bunny masks creepy nfl fans

The only thing creepier than a giant anthropomorphic bunny who sneaks into your house and leaves you candy on Easter is four anthropomorphic bunnies, with beards, just hanging out at a Buffalo Bills game.

12. Easy Access Lycra Guy

12 cleveland browns fan orange lycra bodysuit crotch zipper creepy nfl fans

Though I’m sure the makers of this orange lycra suit added the zipper crotch as a matter of convenience, I just can’t shake the feeling that it will be used for all the wrong reasons.

11. Bear Skin Suit

11 chicago bears fan creepy nfl fans

I don’t know about you, but anybody wearing a bear’s head for a hat gets a wide birth from me.

10. The Predator

10 seahawks fan predator mask creepy nfl fans

Kicking off the top 10 we have the first of three consecutive Seahawks fans. The funny thing is, given the popularity of dreds among NFL players these days (which just seems dangerous), this creepy dude could almost pass for one of them.

9. Seattle Satan

9 seattle seahawks fan devil demon mask creepy nfl fans

Satan here has a pretty nice collection of autographs on his horns. Maybe he’s not so evil after all.

8. Seahawk Skeleton

8 seahawks skeleton fan creepy nfl fans

Apparently Seahawks fans have become neon versions of the Raiders fans.

7. Another Typical Raiders Fan

7 raiders fan creepy nfl fans skeletor

Despite what I just said about Seattle fans being neon versions of the Raiders fans, they still aren’t as creepy as the originals.

6. Mr. & Mrs. Clause

6 redskins fans pig nose santa poncho creepy nfl fans

Um, yeah, that’s somebody’s grandma right there.

5. Pig Man

5 redskins fan wig pig nose army hat creepy nfl fans

Okay, so here’s the deal with the dudes in drag wearing pig snouts at Redskins games: they’re called “The Hogettes.” They were inspired by the legendary offensive line of the Washington Redskins, known as “The Hogs,” in the 1980s. They’ve been at every home game since 1983 wearing dresses, garden party hats, wigs, and pig snouts.

It’s got to be one of the most disturbing fan traditions in modern professional sports.

4. Grandma Bronco

4 nasty broncos fan grandma cleavage creepy nfl fans

Remember what I said in #6? Well, this, too, is somebody’s grandma.

That’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

3. Creepy Skeleton Guy

3 creepy skeleton demon raiders fan creepy nfl fans

This is my favorite Raiders fan costume of all time. He reminds me of the Ghost of Christmas Future from that movie Scrooged.

2. Demonic Saint

2 new orleans saints fan demon creepy nfl fans

For a team called the Saints, they sure do have a lot of demonic-looking fans. But I guess that’s to be expected with the creole and cajun tradition in NOLA.

1. Killer Klown

1 patriots fan in killer klowns mask creepy nfl fans

If you haven’t seen the B-movie horror classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space, you should definitely check it out. It’s full of killer, people-eating aliens that look just like this guy.