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15 Hot Cricket WAGs

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, October 3, 2012
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cricket wags

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that a major cricket competition is going on right now in Sri Lanka: the Twenty20 World Cup. And while I myself am not a cricket fan, I do appreciate the fact that there are close to a billion people who are, and that this makes the Twenty20 World Cup kind of a big deal. So I thought today I would pay tribut the sport in the very best way I know how: by doing a list of hot cricket wives and girlfriends—because everyone knows a sport isn’t a big deal unless the people who play it can attract extremely good-looking companions. And cricket players, it turns out, can most definitely do that.

So check out these fantastic cricket WAGs. Over half of them are attached to guys who are actually playing in the T20 World Cup right now. The other ones belong to what I have decided to call the Cricket WAG Hall of Fame, or WAGHOF—which basically means the cricket players are retired, but their WAGs are still insanely hot.

Why don’t you take a look?

15. Amy Hussey


Meet Amy and Michael Hussey. Mike is a left-handed batsman for team Australia at the T20, and he plays professionally in the Indian Premier League for the Chennai Super Kings. I know that sounds more like a pack of Indian cigarettes than a pro sports team, but I assure you they are legit.

Anyway, I don’t know how long Mike and Amy have been married, but I know they have four kids. So that’s nice.

14. Mollie King

14 molly king (rumored girlfriend of cricket player stuart broad) T20

Mollie King is a member of a British girl group you’ve almost certainly never heard of called The Saturdays. Apparently they had a big his in the UK with their song, “If This Is Love.” If that was in fact a popular song in North America as well, I apologize for my ignorance. I meant no offense.

Anyway, it’s rumored that Mollie is dating the captain of the English team at the T20 World Cup, Stuart Broad. However, the two have not officially confirmed that they are together.

13. Danielle Swart

13 Danielle Swart (fiance of cricket player AB de Villiers) T20

Danielle here is engaged to the captain of the South African Twenty20 team, AB de Villiers. Apparently the right-handed medium-speed bowler (which is like a pitcher in baseball) popped the question in India (where he plays professionally for the Royal Challengers Bangalore) back in April.

12. Sara Leonardi

sara leonardi cricket wags

Sara Leonardi is one of those Cricket WAG Hall of Famers I was talking about in the intro. You see, she is married to legendary Australian bowler Glenn McGrath, but the two didn’t even meet until a year after his retirement in 2008. Sadly, Leonardi is McGrath’s second wife—he lost his first wife, the equally beautiful Jane McGrath, to cancer in 2008.

11. Anushka Sharma

11 Anushka Sharma bollywood (rumored girlfriend of suresh raina) T20

Rumors have been swirling for a while that Bollywood star Anushka Sharma is seeing Indian spin-bowler Suresh Raina. And while Anushka has denied the rumors, even going so far as to deny knowing Suresh at all, I still think they’re dating. You know, because I read it on the internet, and I’d really like it to be true.

10. Sakshi Rawat

10 Sakshi Singh Dhoni (wife of cricket player mahendra singh dhoni) T20

Apparently it’s Anushka Sharma’s friendship with Sakshi Rawat that is somehow to blame for the rumors that Sharma is dating Suresh Raina. However, it is a fact that Sakshi is a cricket WAG—she is 100% legally married to MS Dhoni, who is teammates with Raina at the T20 World Cup.

9. Kyly Boldy

9 kyly boldy (girlfriend of cricket player michael clarke)

With a name like Boldy, this woman had to be hot, right?

Anyway, she’s married to Australian cricketer Michael Clarke. He was formerly the captain of Australia’s Twenty20 team, but retired from T20 competition last year to focus on Test Cricket.

8. Haley Bracken

8 haley bracken (nathan bracken)

Haley is another member of the Cricket WAGHOF. This former Dancing with the Stars Australia contestant is married to former Australian cricketer Nathan Bracken, with whom she has one child.

7. Jeanne Kietzmann

7 Jeanne Kietzmann (girlfriend of dale steyn) T20

As you surely have inferred from this photograph, Jeanne here is a model. A really, really, scorching hot model. And she’s dating one of the best cricket bowlers in the world: South Africa’s Dale Steyn.

6. Liz Hurley

6 liz hurley (shane warne)

What? Hugh Grant’s ex-girlfriend is now a cricket WAG? You bet. Actually, she’s a Cricket WAGHOF, since she’s engaged to retired Australian bowler Shane Warne, who—according to that great font of internet wisdom, Wikipedia—is “widely regarded as one of the greatest bowlers in the history of the game.” So Liz Hurley don’t mess around with no scrubs.

5. Shamone Jardim

5 Shamone Jardim (girlfriend of jacques kallis) T20

This South African model has been dating South African bowler Jacques Kallis for quite some time. (Before that, Kallis dated former Miss South Africa Cindy Nell, whom he suspected was only with him to further her career.)

4. Lee Furlong

4 lee furlong (wife of cricket player shane watson) T20

I read somewhere that Lee Furlong is the reigning queen of cricket WAGs. And I can see why. She’s married to 31-year-old Australian batsman Shane Watson.

3. Geeta Basra

3 geeta basra bollywood (girlfriend of cricket player harbhajan singh) T20

Here’s another gorgeous Bollywood star that insists she is not dating a cricket player, even though other people seem to think she is. What’s up with that? Anway, at least Geeta here will admit she is friends with the man she is supposedly dating—team India’s Harbhajan Singh.

2. Jessica Bratich

2 jessica bratich (wife of mitchell johnson) T20

Jessica Bratich is married to Australia’s Mitchell Johnson. However, she’s not just some trophy wife. Jessica is actually an accomplished athlete herself—a karate champion, to be precise. That makes her by far the coolest cricket WAG in the world.

1. Lara Bingle

1 R lara bingle (wife of cricket player clark)

This insanely gorgeous member of the Cricket WAGHOF is the ex-fiance of #9 Kyly Boldy’s man, Michael Clarke. In addition to being a model, Ms. Bingle is also a fashion designer, reality TV star, and notable socialite. Of course, each of these occupations feeds off the others.