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21 Awesome Football Celebration GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, October 4, 2012

football celebration gifs

Every sport has its own distinct style when it comes to celebrating big plays. But in North America, when it comes to enthusiasm and creativity, nothing beats the football. Scored a big touchdown? There’s a dance for that. Made a big interception? There’s a dance for that, too. Sacked the quarterback? Yep, another dance. Kicked a field goal, recovered a fumble, got a first down, downed a ball at the 5-yard line, won the coin toss? They all have a dance. Or a jig. Or a special handshake—some gesture with which to commemorate the occasion. And today we bring you 21 of these amazing football celebrations in their perfect form: the animated GIF.


21. Left Hanging

washington state celebration

Poor kid. That’s like the touchdown celebration equivalent of an air ball.

20. Headbutt

wvu td celebration

Take me home country road. Actually, scratch that. Better take me to the hospital so I can get an MRI. I think I’m concussed.

19. Happy Dance

unlv football jumping for joy celebration

Oh, that’s so cute. The big fella is so excited. It’s like coach just told him he’s taking the whole team to Chucky Cheese after the game.

18. The Fish Flop

ray-rice touchdown celebration

The Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice must be a weird dude. Who flops around like a fish after a touchdown?

17. Rejected

touchdown celebration fail

This is why the 49ers’ Vernon Davis does not play basketball.

16. Flattery?

packers coach interception celebration

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So, really, the replacement ref (wherever he is now—an interstate toll booth, perhaps?) should take this as a compliment.

15. Like Nothing Happened

matt cassel chiefs celebration

Poor Matt Cassel gets totally ignored by his teammates, but it doesn’t bring him down. He picks himself right up and continues the celebration. What a pro.

14. The Championship Belt

aaron rodgers belt celebration

I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not really called the “Discount Double-Check.” Aaron Rodgers’ signature TD celebration is actually him putting on an imaginary WWE championship belt.

13. The Other Championship Belt

kyle vanden bosch celebration

You know, Kyle Vanden Bosch isn’t the first rival to steal Aaron Rodgers’ signature move. However, usually people do it when they’re actually playing Rodgers—you know, as a way to rub it in his face. If you do it against another opponent (in this case, the Vikings), then you’re basically just a copycat.

12. The Flaccospike

joe flacco sidearm touchdown

Is spiking the football sidearmed the TD celebration equivalent of movie cops holding their guns sideways? It seems kind of badass to me.

11. The Gronkospike

gronkowski celebration fail

Oh Gronk. So much talent, yet such a doofus.

10. The Argospike

argos celebration fail

What’s funnier—the fact that this guy’s name is Kerwin*, or that he spiked the football into his own nads after a touchdown?

*Kerwin Bell, former QB of the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts.

9. Gramatical Error

gramatica celebration injury gif

Wouldn’t it suck if the only thing people remembered you for was tearing your ACL while celebrating a field goal…during your rookie year? (Yes, it would. Right, Bill?)

8. Around the Post

cfl celebration

Dude, you still only get credit for one touchdown reception.

7. Gangnam Style, Kluwe Style

chris kluwe gangnam style celebration

Viking’s kicker Chris Kluwe is now famous for his scathing open letter to Maryland State Assemblyman Emmett Burns. But, obviously, in addition to being an excellent writer, he’s got some pretty great dancing skills.

6. Gangnam Style, Bengal Style

bengals gungnam style celebration

As much as I enjoyed Kluwe’s rendition of Gangnam Style, I must say that Bengals TE Jermaine Gresham has him beat. Because, really, anybody who’s over 250 pounds and dances like this is awesome.

5. Celebration Stopper

SCARY-MARINE anti-celebration

So here’s the story with this one: apparently the Longhorns player was about to taunt the Ole Miss fans after scoring a touchdown. But then this ROTC guy said, uh, the mother$#@&ing hell you are, dill weed. It’s pretty awesome, really.

4. The Scarface

brian rolle machine gun celebration gif

“Say hello to my little friend.”

I’m sure Roger Goodell loves seeing stuff like this—it’s exactly the kind of image (gangsta) the NFL is trying to cultivate.

3. The Doublespoon

sean weatherspoon double spoon celebration

I have to say that Sean Weatherspoon’s sack celebration is one of my personal favorites. (Though I guess that’s obvious, given that I put it here in the #3 spot.)

2. The Bucking Bronco

von miller sack celebration dance

Von Miller’s bucking bronco dance is pretty awesome. I think it might be the next big thing. (All he’s got to do is get Kate Upton to do it in a bikini.)

1. The LFL Jiggle

lfl butt jiggle celebration dance

No matter how much they try, nobody in the NFL will ever be able to top this celebration. And let’s hope they never try.