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The 30 Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders of All Time

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, November 18, 2014

30 hottest dallas cowboys cheerleaders of all time

UPDATE: In a shocking development, the Dallas Cowboys decided to continue hiring hot cheerleaders for the 2013 season. I know, I thought they were going to go in a different direction last year, too, but here we are. To keep pace with this development, there are a couple of bonus cheerleaders added to the beginning of this feature, so you can see how they stack up against the top 30 of all time. And if you’re a fat, balding, middle-aged dude who wants to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, maybe they’ll finally hire you for this season.

When is comes to cheerleading, nobody beats the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. For over 40 years, they have been the gold standard for all cheerleaders everywhere. This iconic squad is to cheerleading what the Yankees are to baseball, turkey to Thanksgiving, or football to Monday Nights—which is to say, synonymous.

So with that kind of tradition, it’s not easy to go through and select the 30 hottest women to ever put on a DCC uniform. But you know what? It had to be done for the good of humanity, and I was up to the task. So today I present you with the fruit of my labor.

Now, obviously, fashion trends have changed dramatically over the years, so in some cases you will have to ignore some funny outfits and huge hairdos. Also, as you probably know, they didn’t have digital photography back in the 70s, so some of the pictures are a little grainier than we’re accustomed to. Nevertheless, I think you’ll agree that all the women on this list are worthy representatives of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders legacy. So let’s stop beating around the bush and get to it, shall we?

Bonus: Katy Marie

Dallas Cowboys Katy Marie

According to her official Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader bio, Katy Marie “loves to cook.” She also enjoys Zumba and the collective works of Reba McEntire. She’s also hot, so go figure, right?

Bonus: Paige Elaine

Paige Elaine

Paige Elaine was a rookie recruit to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad for the 2013 season, but she has that special x-factor that just might make her an all-time champion some day. Her official bio says her favorite movie is Pearl Harbor, but let’s not hold that against her.

Bonus: Jessica Allison

Jessica Allison

Continuing the apparent trend of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders hiring girls with two first names  is Jessica Allison, another 2013 rookie on the squad.

30. Nicki Hale

30 Nicki Hale - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Nicki Hale donned the blue and white for only two seasons in 1996 and 1997, but she made an impression that lasted a lot longer. As you can see, she had that classic DCC look.

29. Candice Carr

29 Candice Carr - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Candice Carr was only with the DCC for the 2007 season, which is a real shame. (I’d recommend that you look up more photos of Candice on google, but there is also a female body builder named Candice Carr, and I wouldn’t want to put you through that.)

28. Kaitlin LeGrand

28 Kaitlin LeGrand - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Kaitlin was another one-and-done Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader who left a lasting impression. Obviously, she must have made the decision to move on to something else, because there’s no way they would have cut her.

27. Debi Brooks

27 Debi Brooks - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Debi Brooks was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader during one of the squads several golden ages. Sadly it’s hard to find a lot of pictures from the era, so this is the best I could do. But I think you get the idea.

26. Amy Merriman

26 Amy Merriman - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

You have to ignore the giant hair and the glamour shots lens flare here. It’s not Amy’s fault she happened to be on the squad from 1991-93. Instead, just focus on her lovely features. If you can do that, you’ll see that she really does belong in the DCC Hall of Fame.

25. Sunni Cranfill

25 Sunni Cranfill - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Sunni Cranfill’s lovely figure adorned the sidelines of Dallas Cowboys football games from 2009 to 2011. Sadly, she is not on the squad this season. However, we do have amazing photos like this to remember her by.

24. Gigi Pittman

24 Gigi Pittman - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Back in the day (i.e. 1993-94), Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders had awesome names like Gigi and wore really high-waisted bikini bottoms.

23. Sheila Morris

23 Sheila Morris - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Sheila Morris had two separate stints with the DCCs: 1995 and 1998. If I had to guess, I’d say it was because she had a kid, but that’s only speculation. Regardless, she was a total knockout.

22. Bonnie-Jill Laflin

22 Bonni-Jill Laflin - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

BJL was a member of the DCCs in 1996. After that she went on to snag a number of different TV gigs before, star in some high-profile ads for PETA, and, eventually become a scout for the Lakers…which is crazy, but true.

21. Abigail Klein

21 abigail klein - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

The lovely Abigail Klein was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader from 2007 to 2009. Now, appropriately enough, she is rumored to be dating a Dallas Cowboys legend: Troy Aikman. The two were spotted having dinner together back in May, so obviously they’re an item.

20. Denis Doran

20 Denise Doran - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Denise was a member of the 1978 squad. As you can see, she had a pretty great body and was rocking a Charlie’s Angels hairdo like pretty much everyone else in the late 70s.

19. Cheryl Gates

19 Cheryl Gates - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Cheryl Gates was on the squad from 1996 to 1999. Man, was she a stunner.

18. Alyssa Sarasani

18 Alyssa Sarasani - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Alyssa Sarasani was on the squad for just one year back in 2010. If it were up to me she’d still be on the squad today—the DC Cheerleaders could always use a few more exotic beauties.

17. Ashley Hutchinson

17 ashley hutchinson - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Ashley’s two year run as a member of the DCCs from 2000 to 2001 was not nearly long enough. This awesome bikini shot is proof of that.

16. Iris Steward

16 Iris Steward - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Iris was on the squad from 2000-2002. As a result, those were two very good years to have season tickets near the sidelines.

15. Kelsi Reich

15 kelsi reich - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Kelsi here is one of the longest-tenured Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on this list, having served from 2008 through 2011. Apparently her all-American good-looks were enough to make them ignore the goofy spelling of her first name.

14. Priscilla Martin

14 Priscilla Martin - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader must have been heartbroken when the gorgeous Priscilla Martin left the squad after just one season in 1990. I would have been.

13. Kandi Harris

13 Kandi Harris - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

With a name like Kandi, she was either going to be a stripper or a cheerleader. Thankfully it was the latter, or else we would never have known her. (She was on the squad from 2006-2008.)

12. Billie Gosdin

12 Billie Gosdin - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 3

Billie was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for just one season (1979), but she made a big impression. Is she a classic beauty of what?

11. Sasha Page

9 sasha page - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

The exotic Sasha Page was on the squad in 2008 and 2009. I’m glad I didn’t know she was even on the squad at the time, because I would have been really sad when she left.

10. Ashton Torres

10 Ashton Torres - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Ashton Torres, 2009-11, is without a doubt one of the most popular DCCs of all time. It’s a shame she didn’t bring better luck to the boys on the field.

9. Nicole Hamilton

11 nicole hamilton - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Talk about a Merry Christmas.

Like Kelsi Reich, Nicole Hamilton had a nice long run with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. For five long years—2005 through 2009—she was one of the true stars of the squad.

8. Tanea Brooks

8 Tanea Brooks - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Tanea Brooks cheered on the Cowboys from 1998-2000. Unfortunately her dreams of becoming an actor haven’t really panned out since then, and she’s since resorted to joining the Lingerie Football League.

7. Amy Reese

7 amy reese - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

If you had tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game in 2008 or 2009, you were a lucky bastard. Why? Because, obviously, that meant you got to see the incredible Amy Reese in action. She is a bona fide DCC legend.

6. Kristin Holt

6 Kristin Holt - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Today you know her as Kristin Nicole Adams, a TV host on the G4, GSN, and Speed networks. But back in 2000, while still a student at TCU, she became a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

5. Brandi Kilby

5 Brandi Kilby - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2

She may have only been on the squad for one season (2009), but Brandi Kilby is still one of the flat-out sexiest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders of all time.

4. Kelli McGonagill

4 Kelli McGonagill - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Kelli was a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders from 1984-88. Today she’s the director. Funny how that works.

3. Suzie Holub

3 Suzie Holub - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

She was only on the team for one season, but in 1976, Suzie Holub was the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

2. Jordan Chanley

2 Jordan Chanley - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Jordan Chanley was on the squad from 2008-10. And if you’re a Cowboys fan, those were three of the best years of your life.

1. Sarah Shahi

1 sarah shahi - Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2

Today she’s known as an actress for her roll on Fairly Legal, but way back in 1999 she was just the hottest DC Cheerleader of all time. No big deal.