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21 Amazing Baseball Catch GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, October 11, 2012
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amazing baseball catch gifs

The other day I was watching a little postseason baseballtotally not while I was at work—when I saw St. Louis Cardinals center fielder Jon Jay make a fantastic catch up against the left-center field wall during Game 2 of the NLDS. At the time the Cardinals were up 7-3, but it was only the 6th inning, and had the ball fallen it would gone for at least a double, maybe even a triple, and possibly started a rally for the Nationals. So obviously, as big plays tend to do, this one inspired me to put together today’s list of animated GIFs of fantastic baseball catches. Not all of them were as important or even as amazing as the catch Jay made against the Nationals, but some of them definitely are. So take a look, and get yourself pumped up for another postseason baseball quadruple header today.

Bonus: Ben Revere's Almost Amazing Catch

22 BONUS ben revere ALMOST makes insane catch baseball catch gifWe start off the list with a bonus GIF. Twins outfielder couldn’t quite complete this Spiderman catch, but if he had it would have been one of the all-time greats. So the guy deserved some credit just for coming close.

21. Yeah, how you like that?

21 amazing laffey baseball catch gif

The best part of this one isn’t the catch itself, though it is impressive. It’s the way pitcher Aaron Laffey just tosses it over his shoulder as he walks off the field. He’s just like, yeah, what up?

20. Is this tee ball?

20 boesch outfielder afraid of ball baseball catch gif

I’m going to give Detroit Tigers right fielder Brennan Boesch the benefit of the doubt here and assume the sun was in his eyes, and not that he’s afraid of the ball like a 5-year-old playing tee ball.

19. Granderson's Leaping Catch

19 curtis granderson great baseball catch gif

Sometimes you only get to make an amazing catch because you misread the ball of the bat. For Curtis Granderson, this was one of those times. But hey, awesome is awesome, no matter how it came about.

18. Reddick's Climb

18 josh reddick climbs wall amazing baseball catch gif

Oakland’s Josh Reddick might not have needed to scale the right field wall at the Rogers Centre in Toronto to make this catch. But he probably didn’t know that at the time, and better safe than sorry.

Interestingly, the catch came on a long fly ball off the bat of Travis Snider, who apparently was taking notes. He made a pretty nice catch himself later in the season, after being traded to Pittsburgh. Maybe that one’s on the list, too. I don’t know. You’ll have to keep reading.

17. Over the Wall

17 outfielder makes over the wall catch baseball catch gif

What can you say? Sometimes the ball goes over the wall, and sometimes it takes you with it.

16. Not stylish, but effective

16 Jon Jay bobbles ball makes barehanded catch baseball gif

We told you about this catch by Cardinals center fielder Jon Jay a few weeks ago. Not bad, right?

Oh, and what the heck, I should throw in Jon Jay’s catch in Game 2 of the NLDS, too. After all, it did inspire this list:

16 jon jay catch nlds game 2 gif

15. Mike Trout's Non-Diving Catch

15 mike trout amazing baseball catch gif

I know some of you might be thinking, “what’s so special about this catch? Mike Trout doesn’t even have to dive for it.” However, that’s precisely the point. Mike Trout doesn’t even have to dive for it. The guy is just that fast. I mean, just look at the ground the kid covers—that is why the guy should win the AL MVP award this year. Well, that and his amazing batting skillz.

14. Comebacker

14 pitcher catches line drive baseball catch gif

How about those reflexes, huh? And the thing about this one is, unlike most great catches on comebackers, this kid had to reach back across his body to make the catch, with all his momentum working against him.

13. Kotchman Catches Bullet

13 Kotchman great baseball catch gif

The Rays’ Casey Kotchman makes as good a catch as you’re going to see from a first baseman to rob this Texas player of a base hit during the 2011 ALDS.

12. Luis Ayala's Hat Catch

12 luis ayala catched home run with hat baseball catch gif

Orioles relief pitcher Luis Ayala made a pretty stylish basket catch with his hat earlier this year on a home run hit by teammate Ryan Flaherty. But do you want to know the crazy part? Ayala did the exact same thing two days later on another home run hit by teammate Chris Davis.

So, yeah, that’s the kind of season it’s been for the O’s.

11. Bullpen Catch

10 bullpen catcher catches homerun ball baseball catch gif

Speaking of great bullpen catches, how about this one? That dude is about as cool and nonchalant as you can be. He’s like, home run? Yeah, whatever.

10. The Chris Young Catch

9 chris young over the shoulder baseball catch gif

Now that we’re into the top 10, we’ll be seeing a number of catches that are simply titled with the player’s name. The reason? They are so amazing that they will probably live on in jumbotron montages for years to come, and all you need to say to describe it is call it “the so and so catch”…just like this one by D-Backs center fielder Chris Young.

9. Bobble Recovery

8 starlin castro amazing baseball catch gif

It’s a shame Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro can’t maintain this level of focus all the time.

8. Home Run Theft

7 michael bourne amazing leaping baseball catch gif

Brave center fielder Michael Bourne robbed a Yankee of a home run earlier this season with this perfectly timed leap.

7. The Climb

6 amazing wall climb japanese baseball catch gif

I didn’t believe my eyes when I first saw this one a couple years ago, but apparently it’s real. This is Masato Akamatsu of Japan’s Hiroshima Toyo Carps. Obviously, the guy was a big Bo Jackson fan. (If you’re too young to know what I’m talking about, never mind.)

6. The Travis Snider Catch

5 travis snider wall climb baseball catch gif

See what I was talking about? Travis Snider robs a guy of a home run by scaling the wall just like Josh Reddick did on him.

It’s always nice to know a guy is paying attention.

5. The Adam Jones Catch

11 adam jones amazing baseball catch gif

I know it’s probably sacrilegious to say, but this one rivals “The Catch”—you know, the one by Willie Mays—in my book.

4. The Chad Jenkins Catch

4 chad jenkins crazy line drive baseball catch gif

Seriously, have you ever seen anything like this before? Granderson’s liner lodges itself in reliever Chad Jenkins’s glove and knocks the thing right off his hand. Then all Jenkins has to do is catch the glove with the ball in it.

3. San Fran Defense

3 giants crazy baseball catch gif

Things are alway a bit dicey with Pablo Sandoval on the field.

2. Gregor Blanco's Perfect Catch

2 gregor blanco saves perfect game baseball catch gif

Not only is this catch amazing in its own right, but it also preserved Matt Cain’s perfect game earlier in 2012. To me, these rare combination of ability and significance makes this one of the greatest catches in MLB history.

1. The Jim Edmonds Catch

1 jim edmonds catch baseball catch gif

Here’s an oldie-but-goodie: Jim Edmond’s over-the-shoulder diving catch from his days with the Anaheim Angels of Southern California, America. Once again, purists may disagree, but this one has to at least rival the Willie Mays catch, doesn’t it?