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21 Awesome College Football Fan GIFs From 2012

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, October 23, 2012

college football fans fan gifs

We’re now a little more than halfway through the college football season, and if there’s one thing you can say about it, it’s that the fans have been crazier and more entertaining than ever. I mean, seriously, have you seen the keg-standing LSU grandma? What about the keg-standing Arizona State baby?

Thus, with college football fans in such rare form, I thought now would be a perfect time to pause and take stock of what we’ve seen so far—lots of excitement, lots of body paint, lots of weird outfits, and, of course, lots of fantastic dancing. So sit back and enjoy this collection of excellent animated GIFs. They’re definitely good for a laugh or two.

21. The Arkansas Whoooo Guy

crazy college football fan 2012 whooo guy

Alright, who brought drugs to the tailgate party? This guy looks like he’s on speed.

20. Happy Mountain Man

happy west virginia college football fan 2012

Where else but West Virginia would you see a guy wearing overalls at a football game?

Actually, there are two more fans in overalls on this list. So, I guess to answer my own question: Iowa and North Carolina. Keep reading to meet those characters.

19. Auburn Fans

frustrated auburn college football fan 2012 come on

Yeah, you look at this one and you think it’s all about the guy with the beard wearing the white t-shirt. But look carefully, and you’ll see a little kid just to the right of that guy…about to stick his hand down his pants.

Go Tigers?

18. Excited Stanford Fan

excited stanford cardinals college football fan 2012

I don’t know what just happened, but obviously it was good. This dude is pumped.

17. Sad Stanford Fan

sad stanford college football fan 2012

This Stanford fan, however, is not so happy. I’m assuming they’re reacting to different plays, but who knows, one of them could be very confused.

16. Mizzou Fan

crazy missouri college football fan 2012 dancing

Obviously, this must be from before the Alabama-Missouri game. I doubt he would have been dancing so joyfully once the 42-10 drubbing was underway.

15. Texas F-Bomb

texas longhorns college football fan 2012 f-bomb 2

I’m sure her mother was so proud—her little girl, all growed up, going to college, dropping an f-bomb on national television.

14. Flex

iowa state college football fan 2012 flexing bodybuilder

Forget the muscles. Check out this dude’s wicked striped overalls. Do you think they’re off the rack, or a custom job?

13. Wasted Gator

drunk florida gators college football fan 2012 pissing off people around him

Note the pained expression of the girl to the right of this kid. She’s definitely wishing somebody had cut him off.

Do you know how drunk you have to be in Gainsville for people to consider you a nuisance? (Really, really drunk.)

12. Poor Kid

sad young arkansas razorbacks college football fan 2012

My first assumption was that the Razorbacks were losing or something. But I then I realized it’s just as likely that he’s sad because his dad wouldn’t buy him ice cream.

11. Tennessee Reactions

upset tennessee college football fan 2012

Here you have two different types of reactions present side by side for comparison. On the left: outrage and anger. On the right: shock and disbelief. Either way, it’s not good for the Vols.

10. Rabid Fan

louisiana-monroe college football fan 2012 drooling slobbering

This University of Louisiana-Monroe fan appears to have a drooling problem. How embarrassing.

And on an unrelated note, “Yeah! Suck it Baylor! We’re totally beating you…now that Robert Griffin III is in the NFL!”

9. The Arm Clap

utep fan arm clapping college football fan 2012

Just a dude sitting on a rock, slapping his arms like a weirdo. No biggie.

8. Emotional ULM Fan

excited elated ULM warhawks college football fan 2012

Louisiana-Monroe isn’t exactly a college football powerhouse. However, they are well represented on this list. As for this woman in particular, I’m not quite sure whether she’s happy or sad.

7. Dancing UNLV Hottie

hot dancing unlv college football fan 2012

I wish all sports fans danced like this. I also wish all sports fans looked like this.

6. Dancing Leprechauns

notre dame fans college football fan 2012 dancing lephrechauns

ESPN’s College Gameday is always entertaining. Sometimes you have Notre Dame fans dressed like Leprechauns and dancing a jig. Other times you have Samantha Steele blowing some guy’s horn. But regardless, it’s always interesting.

5. High Five Fail, Part 1

auburn college football fan 2012 high five fail

How many beers does it take before fans start whiffing on high fives? Four? Five?

4. High Five Fail, Part 2

dunk kentucky wildcats college football fan 2012 falling down high five fail

Next question: how many beers does it take before fans start whiffing on high fives and then faceplant into the row in front of them? Six? Seven?

3. Shirtless NC State Fan

fan nc state college football fan 2012 waving shirt

A big victory over the third-ranked team in the nation? Yeah, that’s definitely cause for celebration. And this guy is celebrating like there’s no tomorrow.

2. Shirtless ULM Fan

fat shirtless painted ulm college football fan 2012

I’ll see your fat shirtless NC State fan and raise you a fat shirtless painted Louisiana-Monroe fan.

And what’s that painted on his chest? “Hate 2 BU”? Yep, that’s awesome. Who knew ULM fans were so fun?

1. NC State Gangnam Style

nc state gangnam style college football fan 2012

Wow that’s disturbing. Remind me never to go to a football game in North Carolina